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Super Nintendo World Is Coming to Hollywood in 2023

Universal Studios Hollywood will open its Super Nintendo World ‘theme land’ in 2023.

By Nathaniel Mott

Nintendo and Universal Studios announced that Super Nintendo World, the Mario-centric “theme land” that opened in Japan in 2021, will make its way to the US sometime in 2023.

The companies started work on Super Nintendo World in 2016, and despite plans to have the park ready for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the pandemic delayed its opening to spring 2021.

Nintendo and Universal Studios have planned to bring Super Nintendo World to parks in Florida and California from the beginning. The delayed opening in Japan also pushed back the Mario-themed park’s launch in the US, however, and it wasn’t clear when it would finally arrive.

Now we know a little more: Nintendo says that Super Nintendo World is set to open at Universal Studios Hollywood in 2023. (The companies haven’t revealed when the park will launch in Florida.)

Nintendo also says that Super Nintendo World “will be a visual spectacle of vibrant colors and architectural ingenuity located within a newly expanded area of the theme park, featuring a groundbreaking ride and interactive areas, to be enjoyed by the whole family.”

There will also be “themed shopping and dining,” of course, and Universal Studios Hollywood “will unveil a takeover of its popular Feature Presentation retail store” with a variety of Super Nintendo World-themed merchandise ahead of the park’s official debut sometime next year.

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