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Valentine’s Day Sucks: The Best Breakup Apps for Soothing a Broken Heart

Moving on from a breakup is tough, especially when technology makes us more exposed and interconnected than ever. These helpful and thoughtful apps will help you get over your ex and start a bright, new chapter in life.

By Jordan Minor

Shout out to everyone still looking for love or just living their best single life this Valentine’s Day. Sometimes we’re fortunate enough to find bonds that last the rest of our lives. Other times, people just aren’t meant for each other—and that’s okay.

Modern digital technology is something of a double-edged sword when it comes to relationships. On one hand, dating apps make it easier than ever to connect with an endless number of potential partners. On the other hand, by putting so much of ourselves online, going through a major life change like a breakup becomes a traumatically public spectacle.

Nursing a broken heart takes time and a generous amount of self-love. So go ahead and stream sad music or a tragic romance movie, explore self-care apps and services, or play the excellent, interactive love story Florence. Take some immediate steps to limit exposure to your ex by blocking or muting them on social media. Facebook even has a privacy feature that lets you “ take a break “ from someone by restricting access to certain posts.

If you need help moving on from a past relationship, though, consider one of these dedicated breakup apps for Android, iOS, or web. They’re tailor-made to gently guide you into a happier future.

Break-Up Boss

Break-Up Boss ($5.99) comes from relationship writer Zoë Foster Blake. The $5.99 app acts as a shoulder to lean on in a tough period. It’s basically an interactive self-help book, full of advice, affirmations, and therapeutic games (like sending a fake text to your ex). Lively illustrations from Mari Andrew lift your spirits even higher.
Platforms: Android, iOS


Mend (starts at $12.49) is a self-care subscription service that doesn’t shy away from the negative energy surrounding a breakup, but it also helps you dive deep into yourself and hopefully emerge stronger. Starting at $12.49 per month, you gain access to AI chatbots trained by therapists, audio lessons, and a community of fellow Mend users to commiserate with, so you don’t need to share the burden alone.
Platforms: iOS, Web

No Contact Rule

If you can find a healthy way to stay friends with your ex post-breakup, then more power to you. However, many people find that the best way to move forward without toxicity is to just cut off all contact. No Contact Rule ($0.99) is an app that stresses the importance of not calling, texting, or visiting your ex, and reminds you why that’s vital for your personal growth.
Platform: iOS


At minimum, Onward costs a cool $200. That’s a steep price, but once you realize the full scope of this “post-breakup concierge service,” you’ll understand its premium cost. This service specializes in that most logistically daunting aspect of a breakup: moving out. Onward’s team assists you with packing, finding housing, dealing with your finances, and getting therapy every step of the way. Stay safe during the pandemic, but if you can, get yourself out of a bad situation.
Platform: Web

Rx Breakup

Rx Breakup is a free app that gets you through your breakup one day at a time. This 30-day guide has exercises that help you monitor your feelings, look back at the past with clarity, and plan future actions. Daily pep talk rewards keep you motivated. At the end, you may even gain the tools you need to guarantee your next relationship is more successful. Check out our interview with co-creator Jane Reardon.
Platforms: Android, iOS

The Silver Lining

Just as technology can help you move past an old and bad relationship, it can also help you enter a new and better one. When you’re ready to put your fine self back out there, jump into the online dating pool and find the perfect potential partner with our top picks for the best dating apps. If you’re just looking for fun, the best hookup apps is a good place to start.

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