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Want a PS5 for Christmas? Sony Offers a New Way to Buy One

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US customers can register and hope to get an invitation to buy the console direct from PlayStation.

By Matthew Humphries

When it comes to finding stock, games consoles come a close second to graphics cards on the difficulty scale. However, for this coming Holiday season, Sony is offering gamers an alternative way to purchase a PS5.

It will still require a lot of luck, but Sony has launched a website where US customers can register their interest to purchase a PS5 directly from PlayStation. Sony admits it only has a “limited amount” of consoles to sell, but will be sending out invites to purchase to some of the people who register. Registering does require having a PlayStation Network ID, but you can sign up for a free account to get one.

The lucky few will receive an email from PlayStation offering details and instructions on how to secure a console. Sony intends to start sending out invitations in November, and if you receive one it’s a limited time offer to purchase (the time limit will be stated in the invitation).

You will be limited to the following items per transaction:

  • A PS5 console or PS5 Digital Edition
  • Two DualSense wireless controllers (Bundles, Cosmic Red, or Midnight Black)
  • Three DualSense wireless controllers (White)
  • One PS5 Media Remote
  • One Pulse 3D wireless headset

Sony says you’ll need to use MasterCard, Visa or Discover to pay for your order and anyone attempting to have a console shipped outside of the US will have their order automatically canceled.

With games consoles proving so difficult to find, Sony’s offer is certainly going to be extremely popular and I hope its web servers are prepared for the traffic. Good luck to everyone registering!

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