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‘Zoom Fatigue’ Is Not the Plague We Thought It Was

(Image: Pew Internet)

Only about a quarter of people who work from home feel regularly burned out from videoconferencing.

By Chandra Steele

“Zoom fatigue” is a term we’re used to hearing nearly as often as we have to jump on Zoom calls. But about three-quarters of remote workers who regularly participate in video meetings say they’re not too bad.

A January 2022 Pew Research Center survey(Opens in a new window) of remote workers found 74% of those who frequently use online conferencing services are fine with how much time they spend on video calls; but 26% said they are worn out by them.

(Image: Pew Internet)

Age and education are two key indicators of who feels most overwhelmed by videoconferencing. Workers under 50 are more likely than those over 50 to feel worn out, as are those with a bachelor’s degree or higher (31%) compared with those who’ve had less education (15%).

Pew discovered, as you’d likely expect, that the more someone works from home, the more they use videoconferencing. Of those who can and do work from home most of the time, 66% said they often use videoconferencing services, while 49% of those who work from home sometimes use them, at 49% of the time, and those who rarely or never work from home use them 35% of the time.

One finding that stood out was that videoconferencing is far more common for those who started working from home during the pandemic (77%) as opposed to those who have been working remotely since before the pandemic began (48%).

Videoconferencing is just one of the many things that have changed with the pandemic and remote work. Read about what we’ve learned in that time.

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