PDAX Joins Forces With BitMEX

At PDAX, we have always believed that improving access to financial markets and services is crucial to our country’s economic development.

Driven by our goal to improve financial inclusion, we are launching a platform for the open-market trading of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

With this, we are privileged to announce that we have partnered with BitMEX Ventures, the venture arm of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange.

Like PDAX, BitMEX is committed to advancing financial inclusion and accessibility through cryptocurrency trading.

BitMEX co-founder and CEO Arthur Hayes explained that a substantial volume of cryptocurrency trading comes from Filipino users and that investing in PDAX is a big leap in their own mission of empowering traders with an affordable and seamless platform.

“We are confident in the transformative potential of cryptocurrency and PDAX’s ability to widen access to the Philippine market and provide the tools to learn more about financial markets,” Hayes said.

PDAX wants to even the playing field to give every Filipino from all walks of life the ability to grow their hard-earned wealth.

With the investment of BitMEX and the use of blockchain technology, we hope to create a digital financial market, not just for cryptocurrencies but all kinds of digital investment products and securities.

For more information about our exchange, please visit www.pdax.ph.