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Recruiters: Do You Want Qualified Veterans or Just Veterans?

I’ve been off of active duty for about 15 years, but I still get 6–8 email or phone contacts per year from someone recruiting veterans. Being broadly experienced both professionally and militarily — I was in the Navy, Army, and the Army National Guard — I’m always interested to see what has brought someone to my (electronic) door. Some of them must certainly be scams or such, but others come from legitimate — I check — companies that do have jobs posted that I might be interested in. Regardless, the discussion is always the same, where the recruiter…




I want to get stories out there that I think will help others pursue a better world by understanding how we learn, work, and grow. Everything from learning and eduction, to employee engagement, to project management lives here.

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Philip Mann

Philip Mann

Assistant Professor of Organization & Management 🔹 I help folks understand their decisions, values, and world. 🔹 Writing to restore clarity and nuance.

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