The Beauty of the Dividing Line

The main dividing line between the Albanian and Serbian population is the river Ibar. But it is not only a place of separation it is also the place where people meet and spend their leisure time. The riverside is one of the favourite places of Mitrovicans — and I understand why.

The river turns out to be the perfect place to get in contact with people and a walk on its banks becomes very quickly a daily tradition for me.

The beautiful thing here is, that people aren’t shy neither of cameras nor of other people. Unfortunately the conversations are not very deep going as we don’t speak each other’s language. But sometimes an exchange of a smile is at least as meaningful.

Egzona and Altina are here every day, laughing a lot, every time I see them.

Gentrit and Valmir are on their way to school, next to the “Roma bridge”.

Spring is in the air. I can see more green on the treas every day and on these faces you can literally ready that winter has gone.

Where lots of people are, coffee is not far. Ura is one of my favourite restaurants and many people seem to feel the same. “Ura” means “bridge” and is perfectly located to enjoy sunset with a view on the main bridge and the river, it has an extremely friendly and multilingual team and tasty food…

From here the two sides look very close from each other and crossing the river an easy thing.

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