Georgia’s Competitive Districts: SD-43

As a reminder, this is a district breakdown in a series of posts on the competitiveness of Georgia legislative districts. For a review of the methodology and background information, please start here:

District Data

Demographics and Registration


JaNice Van Ness — Republican (Incumbent)



As of September 30th filing:

Total raised — $59,248.29

Raised in this period — $45,425.16

Total spent — $13,407.92

Spent in this period — $11,584.09

Cash on hand — $45,840.37


  • First elected to SD-43 in 2015 (Special election)
  • Founder of Peachtree Academy Private School and Early Childhood Centers
  • Graduate of Auburn University and Emory University

Tonya Anderson — Democrat



As of September 30th filing:

Total raised — $33,811.00

Raised in this period — $33,811.00

Total spent — $22,770.31

Spent in this period — $8442.35

Cash on hand — $11,040.69


  • Elected in 2012 to HD-92
  • Previously served as Mayor of Lithonia
  • Retired in 2012 from the Air Force Reserve
  • Ordained minister; co-pastor of Stronghold Christian Church East


This district is fairly straightforward. This district is not competitive. It’s a strong Democratic district that is only in play this year because of an unusual special election in 2015. JaNice Van Ness should not hold on to this seat after the election.

If there was any thought that Van Ness might hold on to this seat, we can end it with a discussion of the demographics. This is a majority-minority district that Obama won by 43 points. Since 2012, white voter registration has decreased by almost 14% indicating that this district may swing even further into the Democrats column.

The fundraising is also not in line with truly competitive Senate districts. Even the incumbent status hasn’t rewarded Van Ness with a vast fundraising advantage. This district was only a target due to the special election. No significant funds were needed here. The logic and the math doesn’t add up to anything other than a victory for Tonya Anderson on election day.

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