Season 2, Episode 5: What Should Resistance to Trump Look Like?

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Note: We recorded this show last Tuesday shortly after the Falcons’ Super Bowl loss. While that is old news we’d like to forget, the rest of the pod has some more evergreen content worth catching up on.

On this week’s show, we take a step outside of the world of Georgia politics to recap the Falcons’ loss in Super Bowl 51. You can get a full recap of that game if you’re the kind of person who likes miserable nostalgia on our sports podcast, the Misery Index.

The rest of the show dives back into our usual topics. We talk about the budget proposal working its way through appropriations committees and discuss what the resistance to the Trump administration should look like.

Show Notes:

You can see the history of austerity reductions in QBE from this Georgia State report (page 13).

You can also read this case for normalizing Donald Trump, which speaks to Kyle’s skepticism for the strategy of burning down government like the Tea Party movement of 2009–2010.