Season 2, Episode 7: The Most Important Episode We’ll Do This Year

Thanks for joining for another episode of PeachPod. I think this is the most important episode that we are going to do this year. On this week’s episode, we consider how some of our most important institutions in our state interact with each other. We discuss government overreach and the delicate balance between ensuring policies work for everyone. And we do all this in the context of issues that really are about personal dignity and safety. And we throw in a little transparency too.

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This week, we are joined by a guest host, Helena Okolicsanyi. Helena joins us again to talk about House Bill 51, the bill that seeks to address concerns over due process in campus sexual assault adjudication, but seems to fall short of that goal at the expense of sexual assault survivors. We also discuss House Bill 37, a measure that seeks to punish campuses that adopt sanctuary policies. And we discuss the recent scuffle over transparency in the State Senate.

During segment one, we are also joined by Venkayla Haynes. She’s an activist and advocate for ending sexual assault on college campuses. She spoke at a subcommittee hearing on House Bill 51 about her experience as a survivor and her concerns over the bill. We’re grateful to Venkayla for taking some time to join us.

This week, we think it’s extra important to read the show notes. Since House Bill 51 is in committee and is changing, we are going to post updates here to keep our recorded information up-to-date. For House Bill 51, this is the latest version that we are aware of. Thanks to Grace Startling, another advocate who testified on this bill, for passing this link along.

During our Thursday recording, I noted that I thought Chairman Ehrhart’s rhetoric on the campus sexual assault bill had been better than it was on the sanctuary campus bill. But I was pointed to this scene at the second subcommittee hearing on this bill and wanted to pass along the clip. While it is important for the Chairman of a committee to keep the committee room respectful during testimony, he could have done that without suggesting how sexual assault survivors might get triggered, another of his stereotypes of kids on college campuses. Start at 48:44 for the entire exchange in context. (Venkayla also testifies in this hearing). The other hearings on this bill are here and here.

Here is the report by Emily Yoffe at Slate suggesting how colleges might have gone too far.

This report summarizes what recent actions at some college campuses outside of Georgia have been regarding sanctuary policies.

Here is this AJC report on transparency in Georgia’s Senate. I refer to it as being written by Greg Bluestein in the show, but it was actually written by AJC’s dynamic Gold Dome duo — Kristina Torres and Aaron Gould Sheinin.

Here is LaDawn Jones on the DNC.

Lastly, this is Ezra Klein’s take on Trump’s illiberal tendencies.