Discover A Science Fiction Treasure That Will Blow You Away

In this darkly humorous and philosophically engaging sci-fi novel, a wayward young woman and her straightlaced companion awake from 200 years of “suspended life” to a future that challenges many ideas about what it means to be and to remain human. The technological changes that have transpired during their long sleep rattle them, but even more mind-boggling are the startling views they must grapple with regarding human evolution.

Although they do not know it, the two young visitors from the past have a significant role to play in humankind’s unfolding drama. The citizens of this post-apocalyptic world hope to discover from their time travelers some clue that might explain humanity’s downward slide towards oblivion.

And if this small survival colony fails to come up with a rescue plan, there is still Ike, an extraordinarily creative AI who has an existential trick up its sleeve to save the human footprint. But Ike’s remedy might not be the sort of salvation most of us would readily embrace. Though as he sees it, “desperate times require desperate measures.” And with the hands of Doomsday’s clock perched just nanoseconds before midnight, the times could not be more so.

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An Amazing Thing Happened on the Way to the Future is an entertaining and unique read that I devoured in one sitting. Michael Segedy writes with humor and intrigue that completely captivates the reader, and I cannot recommend his writing enough.

Science fiction is a genre that I don’t often have the pleasure of reading, as I am more into horror and thrillers. However, I always find it to be a treat when I am approached by science fiction authors to review their novels. I first came across Michael Segedy’s novel, Into the Twilight, a few months ago, and was extremely pleased with its originality. Segedy’s imagination is vibrant, and I found that I was immediately absorbed into his world building from page one. So, you can imagine my pleasure when I found out that he had written another piece that is part of the Into the Twilight universe.

An Amazing Thing Happened on the Way to the Future is a deeply philosophical portrayal of what humanity means amidst the technological advances that are continually developing in our world. Time travel is a big part of the novel, and our protagonists find themselves helping those in the post-apocalyptic world understand what is happening to humanity as it continues a downward spiral into oblivion.

Segedy’s world is one that is vibrant and can be seen as a very realistic portrayal of what can happen in the near future. While his work is fiction, I found that his philosophical ideals were convincing and forced me as the reader to imagine the possibilities of what can happen to humanity in the near future. Segedy creates a world that is vibrant and realistic and had me intrigued from the beginning. I found that his work is easy for the reader to understand and imagine, whereas many other science fiction novels can be difficult to grasp. Segedy knows how to intrigue his reader and portray a story so rich and vivid that it is impossible to put down. I have said before that Segedy is an author who one might find once in a century due to his professional grasp on the art of writing and his ability to absorb his reader into his work.

An Amazing Thing Happened on the Way to the Future is a treat for lovers of science fiction and those who would like to explore the genre alike. I was entranced by Segedy’s enchanting writing from the beginning, and I absorbed his novel within a short period of time. Michael Segedy is a treat in the literary world and an author that readers must take the time to discover. His work is a literary treasure that took my reading life by storm, and I look forward to where he takes his writing next.

Published by Ashley Nestler, MSW

Ashley Nestler, MSW is a survivor of Schizoaffective Disorder, Quiet Borderline Personality, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, multiple eating disorders, and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Ashley has dedicated her life to educating others on mental health and illness, as well as providing online resources for those who may experience barriers when seeking help for their mental health. Ashley is also the author of “Beautiful Nightmare”, “Into The Fog”, and “Behind Broken Glass Walls”. Her short stories and horror poems have been published in various anthologies. She is an educator on writing and loves to help authors through her book critiques and reviews. View all posts by Ashley Nestler, MSW

Originally published at on September 6, 2022.



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Ashley Nestler, MSW

Ashley Nestler, MSW


Mental Health Specialist, Author, Empowerment Coach, Book Reviewer, and Bibliotherapist. Creator of Releasing the Phoenix and The Ignite and Rise Academy