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How community pharmacies can best deliver the COVID vaccine safely using technology

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Coronavirus has taken community pharmacy by a storm. From the first initial lockdown till now, providing safe face to face patient care has been an essential part of service delivery.

The recent release of the COVID-19 vaccine has provided some hope that the high street and the way community pharmacy services are delivered might return to some normalcy. However, mass vaccination of the general public will be a difficult task requiring heavy logistical planning and sites to deliver the vaccine.

Technology plays a huge role across many industries and is particularly useful to support with logistical tasks. Community pharmacy is in a unique position as it is very accessible to patients, however with this open door policy comes the risk of overwhelming calls and queues (much like early days of the pandemic).

Evidence has shown the number of community pharmacies available and their trained staff can provide serious weight to the vaccination effort. However, it will be critical to ensure those who choose to be vaccinated are taking both doses within the time frame.

3 Key areas technology can help community pharmacy deliver the COVID-19 Vaccine

1. Booking

Online booking of patients can support and optimise better patient flow. Providing this service to patients will allow them to know when to turn up to the pharmacy and be kept up to date of any prolonged waiting times. This type of technology can also link in to patients online calendars and send them regular reminders.

2. Patient Consent and Information

Electronically obtaining patient consent will be a safe way to reduce contact when obtaining the vaccine. This information will be critical to send to GP and other care provider records which can be done easily through technology. This also provides a clear portal to send PIL’s and any follow up information through one click.

3. Recall

Identifying and reminding patients who have missed their appointments/doses will be essential to monitoring uptake and success rates. The recall function will also provide a clear process to notify patients of aftercare, follow up support and any potential adverse effects.

Using online systems will be essential to delivering the COVID-19 vaccine safely and effectively.

Our solution at Peachy Healthcare provides an easy to use end to end software solution which helps community pharmacies deliver safe and effective care. Our software allows your patients to access real-time booking of your services directly from your pharmacy.



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