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Peanut partners with Curve

We are excited to announce the partnership between Peanut and Curve. Peanut will connect its protocol to Curve to balance the price of trading pairs. In addition to the unique formula for equalizing the value of tokens in Curve trading pairs (more information in this article), Peanut will create for Curve users an additional layer of protection from slippage and from skewing the tokens’ value.

Due to the high volatility of the crypto-asset market, the lack of unified trading platforms, as well as dynamic changes in supply/demand for a particular asset, crypto traders are quite often exposed to slippage as one of the negative factors.

Curve protects its users from slippage by using a unique formula for determining the value of assets in trading pairs. Additionally, Peanut protocol will integrate with Curve which will result in reducing the negative effect from slippage and mitigating risks of impermanent loss. Due to the system of a two-level pool of assets operated by Peanut, placing even a very large order will have only a temporary instant effect. When large buy/sell orders are executed, the Peanut pool automatically and simultaneously makes the corresponding deal on two levels, that is, on other DEX and CEX, and provides additional liquidity for specific trading pairs. As a result, slippage in trading pair disappears.

At the moment, the Peanut team is winding up with integrational settings for the Curve trading platform. In a few weeks Curve will be connected to Peanut protocol on the regular basis.

Speaking about Curve, Alex Momot, CEO at Remme and founder of Peanut said:

The main challenge for us during the testing period is to check the ability to resist one-block flash loan attacks. Successful results will significantly improve AMM mechanics and will give much more confidence to all market participants.

Michael Egorov, CEO of Curve, said:

Balancing prices by exploiting liquidity on both DEX and CEX platforms is really a good idea. And also very promising. It will be very interesting to see the results of Peanut testing on Curve.

Peanut solves existing problems inherent in both centralized and decentralized trading platforms. Namely, the loss of customers as a result of slippage. And we are doing everything we can to improve our algorithms.

More info about Peanut is here. Also, you’re welcome to join our Twitter and Telegram group to ensure you don’t miss a thing.



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