Keeping Time

Hey teachers, we created a timer for you! We know you don’t have a spare second to sit and play around with it; so we outlined some ways to use the timer that you can implement tomorrow!

How it Works

The timer works in increments of 30 seconds and automatically locks the student screens when the time runs out. To use the timer, hold down the Lock Screen button until the timer appears.

Hold Down the Lock Screen Button to See Timer Options

You have three choices: 30 seconds, 1 minute or 3 minutes. Choose the one you want and it will count down on the student view, projector view and teacher dashboard.

When You Click on a Time the Timer will Start Counting Down
Students See the Timer Countdown in the Upper Right Hand Corner of their Screens

Review Games

The end of the year is coming, finals loom, your kids are bouncing off the wall and you are tired. Instead of taking 10 hours to make a Jeopardy game, write the questions you want to review in Pear Deck. Use the timer every time you start a new review question. The timer can create an air of fun as your students scramble to answer questions quickly and accurately as the timer counts down. Not only are your students engaged, you know who is getting the information and what topics may need more review. Use the dashboard and quick question features to refine your review as you go. If you put on your best game show voice and a bow tie; it’s guaranteed to be fun!

Do Nows and Exit Tickets

These staples of the profession may not get a lot of attention, but they are relatively easy to master and when done well can be great for classroom management and learning outcomes. When students enter your classroom set the timer so students know how much time they have to get settled and finish the Do Now. It gives a sense of urgency to your classroom and can be a fun challenge. It also ensures you are not spending too much time on the Do Now at the detriment of the rest of your lesson. Exit tickets are designed to help students review and digest information. New research shows that immediately reviewing what you’ve learned makes the information stickier. A daily three minutes to let students write out what they learned may help your students remember the information in the future.


Technology needs to work seamlessly in your classroom, which is why we design clean, easy-to-use products. The timer can help you transition from one activity to the next. When finishing up a longer independent work session in Pear Deck, set the timer so students know how much time they have remaining to finish their work. You may see a shift in focus when they see the timer appear — like focusing on your sprint as soon as you can see the finish line. It will lend a sense of urgency to the classwork and set a hard deadline that will allow you to move seamlessly into the next activity, discussion or slide.

If you have other great ways to use our timer in class, please tweet it out and share your knowledge with us and other educators. We are one big community, after all.

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