Illustration by Kate Moore

Nesting Decks: Mix and Match for the Perfect Lesson

Developing great lessons takes a lot of time and research. Though there are a lot of pre-made lessons out there, it can be difficult to find one that exactly matches your needs. Every time I felt desperate for help in developing my lesson plan, I found that I spent just as much time tweaking someone else’s lesson as I spent making my own.

While it’s hard to find the perfect pre-made lesson, it’s really nice to build off of other good ideas rather than starting from scratch. So let’s say you have part of a lesson built in Pear Deck, but you are looking for some great questions to fill it out and get students engaged. What do you do? You mix and match, that’s what you do.

Mix and Match Pear Deck

Since Pear Deck is a Google Drive App, you can easily share your Pear Deck files just like a Google Doc, which also makes it easy to remix someone’s lesson to fit your class.

Here’s How:

1. Make a copy of a Deck you like made by a colleague or from our Sample Deck Collection

2. Delete any slides that aren’t relevant or don’t work with your lesson

3. Click the Menu at top left and select Import Slides

4. Search for the Pear Deck lesson you already started

5. Rename your new file if necessary

6. Add any other slides necessary to complete your lesson

Voila — you’ve just nested one Pear Deck into another to make the perfect lesson for you class.

Try These Decks

  • Math Example:
    Select any number of the slides in Functions and Transformations to review as time allows. 
    Deck credit — Julie Ruelbach
  • Social Studies Example:
    Use slides 2–5 in this Deck to spark discussions about democracy and dictatorship.
  • Science Example:
    Tack this Deck to the end of a unit on simple machines for review. 
    Deck credit — Scott Hebert
  • ELA or Art History Example:
    Use slides 1–6 to introduce the concept of Romanticism.

Please look through our collection to find great ideas. If you’ve put a lot of work into a Deck already, submit it to our Sample Deck Collection so others can splice it into their own.

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