Automated Shopping Sensors — that order goods as they run out

How awesome would it be if your toilet paper dispenser could sense when your toilet paper was running out? How awesome would it be if your paper towel dispenser and soap dispenser could also sense this?

These devices would detect when a toilet paper roll or paper towel is changed. Then it would update a simple database on your phone via Bluetooth, and if you’re running low on something, it would go ahead and order more household goods from Amazon as needed.

This way you’ll never have to shop for toilet paper, paper towels, or soap again.

Also, the sensor could shoot a laser from one end to another end. If it reflects back, then it will know that the current roll is running out and update the app at hand.

To save space, it will only do it when the dispenser is used. It might even utilize a battery generator within the roll to extend battery life by recharging as rolling takes place.

Two weeks after I came up with this idea, someone posted a similar concept on Kickstarter which failed and is called RollScout. This product wasn’t designed to keep track of remaining household goods or order more as they ran out. It only reminded its user if a roll was running out. Which is helpful, but not something that necessarily deserves a dedicated device and purchase.

Automated ordering through device sensors and accompanying apps can also earn money through commissions, which can lower the price of the device being sold and make it more disruptive.