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I Want Mummy to be Happy… Like Me!

Mummy has had a lot of sad, and angry faces recently, I just want mummy to be happy

I don’t know why Mummy has had lots of sad and cross and angry faces, but she keeps showing them at me. It’s been ages since she had lots of happy faces, her face always looks sad, or tired.

I know that things have been different. I haven’t been to Maria’s House for a long time. It’s been so many sleeps that I can’t count them. I have been at home with Mummy and sometimes Daddy for many days. I can’t go shopping with Daddy, which means I can’t choose my new cars, and sometimes I get cross because Daddy doesn’t bring me the cars that I want.

I think we all have cross times. I know I get cross when Mummy and Daddy can’t play with me and I get bored and upset because there is nobody to play with my toys. But mostly I’m happy. See!

Sometimes I give Mummy cuddles, and that makes her smile for a while, but then she has to go back to do more work and she gets the cross or tired, or sad face again. when I try to go back and give more cuddles and kisses, or get her to play with me, she gets even more cross. Why can’t I make Mummy happy?

Playing makes me happy, and when Mummy plays with me she gets happy too. She has smiles and laughs and giggles and tickles. Cuddles and kisses and snuggles, too. Then she stops playing, and the happy goes away. She goes back to her computer and does lots and lots of work.

I’ve offered to help. If I help Mummy do her work, then maybe we can get it done quicker and she can play and be happy. Unfortunately, Mummy is convinced that I don’t know how to help. That I don’t know my words or the right buttons to press.

I don’t think Mummy knows which buttons work right either. Do you know how many times she presses lots of buttons that make words all over her monitor, only to press another button that makes them all disappear again?


I have a keyboard, but mine doesn’t make words. I think it’s broken.

I just want my mummy to be happy, like me. I’m happy when I play, build, sing, dance, splash in my puddle, draw, paint, make legos… I do lots of things and they make me happy. But the thing that makes me happy most of all is doing all those things with Mummy and Daddy.

Mummy works, a lot. I don’t think work makes Mummy very happy. I want to help. I want to help make Mummy happy. I know I can do it.



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