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This is how you can help

Pebble is the new studio on the block — small team, big dreams and a lot of friends who want to help.

If you are one of those friends, acquaintances or old colleagues and want to help us up the mountain — here are a few ways you could help.

1. Know who we are & what we do

Pebble is a Strategic Design & Product studio.

We focus on helping teams explore, test and build new products, services and ventures, as well as help improve and innovate upon existing ones.

If you are working on something new — we can help think through it, prototype it, break it into assumptions, conduct testing and discovery with users and as a result either kill your concept early (saving you a lot of time and effort in the process), or help you shape it towards something simple and desirable that you could bring to market (and make some rather large ripples).

If you are working on a product that already exists — we can help you better understand your users and their needs, think about ways in which the current product could be tweaked, improved and simplified, help flesh out and test new ideas for features and business models, or think ahead about where the product could go.

2- Bring us in, to work with your team

Armed with a better understanding of what we do, try and now intersect it with your team/company.

Could your team benefit from someone spending time on your product or with your users and applying a design-led approach?

Could your team benefit from someone helping you explore and test your concepts quickly and swiftly?

You might be a product manager who wants someone to spend more time with users, or perhaps high up in management, trying to create a more design & user-led approach within your company.

Perhaps you are a founder trying to explore and test something new; or maybe you are something altogether different, but with a need that falls somewhere within this space.

Whatever it is you do or in need of — if you have an inkling that our approach could benefit your team, then there is probably something there for us to explore.

From there it’s quite simple:

Hit us up,
we’ll have a coffee (digital or physical),
and bounce around ideas about what can possibly be done.

Best case scenario — we might find a fun path forward.
Worst case scenario — we would both have a better understanding of what each other does.

Pebble is a great tool in allowing us to work with friends who are doing exciting things. Our next collaboration could be with you.

3- Put us in touch with people

Perhaps your team isn’t in need of our kind of work, but rather, you might know someone else who is.

Networks are these wonderful things where endless possibilities lay dormant, waiting for someone to make the right connection.

It could be someone that you know has had a need for this kind of work for a while, or it could be a conversation that may have just popped up fortuitously — you know how these things work.

Whatever it is, if something comes to mind and you think it might be a connection worth making— please let us know. If indeed there is something there, we would ask you to make the connection. From that point on we will do all that is within our power to make you sure you never regret making the connection, but rather look back with pride.

4- Hit us up with ideas and suggestions

Another way to help is not with projects or connections, but rather — with ideas.

We are always interested in exploring ideas and suggestions, no matter how random and crazy they may seem.

Perhaps you have thought about a company that we should hit up, or noticed an opportunity in the market that you think we could explore, perhaps you simply have a wild and strange idea that you want to share with us.

Whatever it is, we are here to listen. The most wonderful opportunities often come from the most unlikely beginnings.

And that’s a wrap

Pebble is the new studio on the block and we appreciate all the help, support and suggestions we can get.

Happy Friday y’all.




We write about design-led innovation

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