Pebble City Gameplay Trailer is LIVE

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1 min readFeb 21, 2024


Picture yourself in a bustling city where every corner buzzes with the excitement of social casino gaming and joining fellow enthusiasts in play. This unique experience is only possible in Pebble City: the Next-Gen Web3 Social Casino Game!

This is why the Pebble team is excited to finally unveil the official gameplay trailer for its very first game, Pebble City. Take a sneak peek at the immersive social casino gameplay by watching our newly released trailer.

The trailer highlights uniquely themed casinos, Jackpot Planet and Showdown, each featuring different slot machines and a multiplayer casino game. Now, are you ready to choose the casino that suits your tastes?

Keep in mind, your exploration of Pebble City is just starting, with the game poised to deliver an unparalleled casino gaming adventure unlike you have experienced before. To catch the latest updates and events, please ensure to follow our social channels!

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