Pebble City: Loyal Badge NFT Collection Warm Up Giveaway

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3 min readJan 16, 2024


GM, Pebble Community.

The Pebble team is excited to announce our first community giveaway with a prize pool of 28,000 USD! We wanted to kick off the opening month of 2024 with a community giveaway, marking the beginning of the Pebble City saga.

To participate in the giveaway, start completing the Zealy missions here and climb the leaderboard to grab a chance to win up to 1,000 SUI and the Chip package containing in-game items. The higher you rank in the Zealy leaderboard, the more chances of winning rewards (View the tiered rewards structure below).

As you complete the Zealy missions, brace yourself for the imminent launch of the Pebble City Loyal Badge NFT Collection — your express ticket to unlock the fortune awaiting you in Pebble City. So, join the giveaway now and be part of the exciting journey that is about to unfold.

Event Info

📅 Period: January 17th 00:00 — January 26th, 23:59, 2024 (UTC)

🏁 To Enter: Complete the Pebble Community Missions on Zealy (link)

  • Each mission rewards XP upon completion. Your total XP is displayed on the Zealy Leaderboard.
  • Complete as many missions as possible to accumulate XP and maximize your ranking.

🏆 Rewards

  • The top 10 participants can open three random SUI boxes containing SUI and a Chip Package containing Pebble City’s in-game chip items.
  • Participants ranked 11th to 100th can open two random SUI boxes and a Chip Package.
  • Participants ranked 101st to 1011th can open one random SUI box.

*Random SUI Box Prize Pool 🎁

  • Each Random SUI Box contains an amount of SUI, ranging from 10 SUI, 20 SUI, 50 SUI, 100 SUI to 1,000 SUI.

** Chip Package 🎁

  • Each Chip Package contains Pebble City in-game chip items worth about $9.99.
  • The Chip Packages are non-transferable NFTs — they cannot be sold nor exchanged.
  • Each Chip package can be converted into an in-game item via the Pebble platform, powered by the Sui network.

🎉 Winner Announcement

The winners will be announced after processing the results on the Pebble Discord Server and X.


  • The event schedule and announcement are subject to change based on circumstances.
  • Completion of the mission to enter a Sui wallet address is mandatory to receive the rewards. Once entered for the first time, you can no longer change the wallet address. Please make sure to check your wallet address before submitting it.
  • The Chip Packages will be distributed after Pebble City launches. To receive the packages, a Pebble platform account will be required.
  • The schedule and instructions for the reward distribution will be announced on Pebble X and Discord in the future. Make sure to stay tuned to receive your rewards.
  • The distribution of rewards may be restricted by the laws and regulatory requirements of your country.
  • All participants need to have a Zealy account to join the missions.