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Narendra Rocherolle
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3 min readMay 27, 2016

Update 3.15.18

Ok, we’ve been learning a lot over the last year and are zeroing in on the most exciting potential for our Peck platform: Voice. We are now entering a radical shift in the way we interact with devices and the types of of information and content we want to consume.

This transition requires an entirely new suite of tools to create, manage, and host applications dedicated to Voice (and Show). We think that Peck is the perfect entry point — think WordPress for Voice.

More to come.

“Apparalysis” and Distraction

Never before have we had so much information available at our fingertips and never before has it been so fragmented to access.

If you are like me, you are tired of opening and closing apps to get a single bit of information. You are likely also tired of random notifications trying to get your attention. Maybe you too have come to find news feeds fatiguing and just a bit too arbitrary.

Here’s the thing, I want more out of my mobile device and I want to use it less.

From a design perspective that means I want to do the least amount of work to get the most important piece of information in the fastest amount of time.

Building a Haptic Vocabulary

My cofounders and I are working on something called Peck that we hope is a starting point for change. With Peck anything you can think of can be a tiny service that you can tap on (yes peck!) to get back information. Our app lets you peck people, places, and things. You yourself are peckable!

We’ve come up with a simple haptic vocabulary so that peckables can do different things depending on how much you peck. Peck the Golden State Warriors once and you might get the current score or next game. Peck a bunch of times and you might get news, or tweets, or photos.

It is time to recast all this data around us. Time to focus on the high-order bit. For content, that means returning essential information either in a view that you can not get easily elsewhere or a context that gives you what you need to make a decision.

Not a Small Idea

Peck is based on a simple gesture but the idea is big and crazy.

We have made it so that anyone can build new peckables with just a handful of lines of javascript. We are building out developer friendly workflows that sit on top of GitHub for coders and designer friendly tools that don’t require code.

Together, we can build a new bite-sized Internet. We need your help figuring this all out. What bits of information do you consume habitually? How can we help you reduce the number of apps on your phone? Are you a developer who wants to start tinkering with something completely wide open and exciting?

Get involved! Sign up for our Peck Beta, join our platform as a developer, or see if you might be a fit for our company as an employee or an investor.

The Peck app lives on all flavors of mobile and the open Web. Here is a quick clip of what it looks like to peck on an iPhone and have responses and recommendations streamed to you.

More at or follow us. Thanks!



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