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KD gets paid $26 million/year. Should he be playing without a shoe?

Try this with your Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Note: if you are using Alexa, first say enable The Green Bird.

Say: ask The Green Bird how many times has Kevin Durant lost his shoe.

Last season, a couple friends of mine started to notice that Kevin Durant has a shoe problem.

He loses his shoes while playing basketball. Frequently.

Last season, he lost his shoe in the middle of a game at least 8 times. Nearly once every 10 games.

Which is crazy.

Now that the 2017–2018 season is underway, my friends are again dedicated to tracking this phenomenon. And guess what? Game 2, against the Pelicans, he lost his shoe again.

So, I decided to make a Peckable for this so anyone can track Kevin Durant’s adventures on the Web and with Voice (see start of this article!).

I want to show you how easy it was to do with Peck.

My peckable is called: Shoeless KD and answers the question, “How many times has Kevin Durant lost his shoe?”

I added a Content Block called Simple Text that tells you the answer. This response happens with a simple peck and when you access Shoeless KD via Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

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Content tab for Peck with a single Simple Text Content Block

I’ve also added an Action Button so that on the Web or Mobile you can tap and watch a Twitter video of what happened.

The next time he loses a shoe, I will add another Content Block with the updated total and information about what happened. I will also add a restriction to the previous one so that it only shows when someone pecks a few times quickly. It will take me all of 3 minutes.

As the season goes on, this Peckable will have a quick answer to the question and when someone is interested they will be able to view all of the times KD has lost his shoe.

This question and others like it will never be answered by top-down voice assistants. The ability to personalize and craft responses to all types of questions is where the power of Peck starts to become evident.

Finally, I’ll point out some cool stuff inside of Peck related to promotion. First, you can assign a location to any Peckable.

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Location property for this Peckable

I this case I chose Oracle Arena so that people using our Peck based app can find it easily when they are at that location. Peck even supports geo-fencing so you can make a Peckable function only in a certain area.

Peck also allows you to provide your own recommendations so that the network can build out thoughtful related information.

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Recommendations made by this Peckable

Shoeless KD suggests a Golden State Warriors Peckable.

I hope that gives you a sense for the anatomy of a simple Peckable. We’ll be breaking down new ones on a regular basis.

I encourage you to experiment with Peck for both Web and Voice. Let me know if I can help too!


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