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Dear valued Pecunio member,

the recent mail from regarding the delisting of our PCO token from
their exchange has initiated some interesting discussions within our

To bring more light into this topic, we will share our perspective.

First of all, we accept and fully respect’s decision to delist our
token, it is entirely up to them to decide whom to list or de-list. Same
applies to us, when we decide with which companies we engage, or disengage.

Also we’d like to take the time to thank and Jim Preissler for
their advisory service especially in early and mid 2018.

Having said this, we think that the last e-mail was unnecessarily loaded
and not clear about the actual delisting reason, as there has not been an
unusual communication gap or lack of response from our side, which recent
e-mail conversations between and ourselves show.

Furthermore we perceive that our partnership has not produced the fruits we
expected in the last months and therefore have no complaints about putting
distance between both companies.

Having said that, we remain open to working with in the future if
there is common ground for a prosperous venture together.

Speaking of the future we have exciting company news coming up within the
coming days and weeks, which we are very excited to share with you.

Keep an ear to the ground for upcoming announcements.

The future is bright for Pecunio and its supporters!

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