Pecunio leads South African Exchange MOBU’s investment round. The all equity deal is priced at 1.27 Mio USD, putting MOBU’s value roughly at 21 Mio USD valuation.

Pecunio is acquiring a 6% share in the company plus a 3% top up option to participate in the current or in further funding stages.

MOBU is upgrading capital markets by providing the full infrastructure solution for digital securities — the new generation of digital assets thus improving fundamental pillars of todays capital markets. By lowering market fees, improving settlement speed, creating more transparency and eliminating the middle man from market transactions.

“In five years, 100% of stocks and bonds on Wall Street will be tokenized”

– Robert Greifeld, Former CEO of NASDAQ.

With the implementation of an institutional size digital asset exchange for the African continent and furthermore for the global market, MOBU delivers one of the core pillars of their offering.

A 15% equity stake in an operational licensed stock exchange in South Africa as well as a board seat enhances MOBU to deliver the planned functionality at a great pace.

To settle the limited access to capital for aspiring entrepreneurs MOBU will integrate the issuance of smart securities on their platform which gives the global capital community the possibility to invest in pre qualified and vetted companies and entrepreneurs the capital access they need to build their companies.

“Digitization of private placement issuance has estimated cost savings of 40% over a five-year period” — Entoro Capital.

MOBU extends their financial service offerings by creating a low-cost digital banking solution with own IBAN whereby current or corporate accounts can be setup in minutes.

Apart from offering blockchain company accounts and converting fiat to digital currency worldwide, MOBU also issues debit cards for digital assets and local currency to be used practically, on a day-to-day basis. Services are extended to the 2Bn unbanked people that exist in the world according to the World Bank — Global Findex.

After more than 50 years of African banking, only 34% of adults in sub-Saharan Africa have bank accounts according to the findings of the Family Office Investment Summit. Investment banking in South Africa is emerging and a lot of the market is untapped. MOBU’s goal is to become the trusted source of deal flow to Africa and the secure secondary market for global investors by leveraging the advantages of distributed ledger technology.

„It is with pride to realise that MOBU has become a household name over the past year as the team, amongst other things has been invited to a number of investor-meet-ups all over the world. said Juan Engelbrecht, CEO of MOBU.

“MOBU has the potential to change not only the South African Crypto landscape because of its unique approach in bridging traditional finance and the blockchain economy” said Reinhard Berger, CEO, Pecunio. “, who was an indispensable catalyst for the deal and partnership with this outstanding team and project.”

Time will tell how successful MOBU will be, but they certainly have jumped onto the world stage in a major way with this deal.

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