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Dubai, June 27th 2018 Pecunio’s Venture Fund portfolio is in constant development, with the asset platform recently signing a deal on June 19th, 2018 with Nagricoin, a biotechnology start-up.

The deal with a volume of $1,000,000 of liquid assets enables the start-up to get exposure to the investors of the Venture Fund and portraits the mutual interest for growth of both companies.

NagriTech, the company behind NagriCoin is focused on agricultural technology techniques, improving organic farming with sustainable and natural products. They have developed a plant nutrient made from a proprietary formula that stimulate plant growth up to 50%, reduce harmful elements in soil, and improve plant resiliency. Their native token “NagriCoin”, is backed by the gross revenue of NagriTech after reaching profitability.

Pecunio’s CEO Reinhard Berger on the deal:

“NagriCoin is an exceptionally rare case for the blockchain industry. Most start-ups nowadays focus on finance or digital service solutions and hardly on real world applications with an existing product. Nagricoin’s company has been in existence for 7 good years, so we are really proud to partner with experienced experts on a good mission, combining agricultural science with cutting edge market technology practices”

Not only does their existing product have a real world application, but also is the company spiked with a professional team of biotech, agriculture and finance experts. It is astonishing to see how well composed their member and advisory board really is. The entire team of Pecunio is happy to work together with professionals of this level.

Jared Johnson, CMO NagriTech commented on the partnership:

“This is a major partnership that improves not only the operational efficiency of NagriTech, but also makes us a more marketable company at the grassroots level. This will help to improve revenue generation and brand awareness long term, far beyond the fundraising component”

The insistence on high standards of natural food is a stimulus for NagriTech and the industry development. The company will work on a global, regional, national, and multinational basis in licensing the technology in order to create sustainable and environmentally friendly supply of organic food growth solutions world-wide.

More on Pecunio

Pecunio is an asset platform for safe and easy blockchain investments. As United Arabian Emirates’ leading blockchain company, contributors benefit from a sound business model, enabling investments into angel & venture capital (AC&VC) funds and high-end cryptocurrency funds. Besides that, the investment platform focuses on settling B2B transactions with a gold-backed currency used as “gold-tether”.

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