DUBAI, UAE and LONDON, ENGLAND, Thursday, November 16th, 2018.

Pecunio is a Dubai-based Venture Capital firm that holds an ever growing portfolio of blockchain companies with its most recent investments being in leading projects like Farmatrust, Avinoc, Cindx and Multiven to name a few. As of recently, Pecunio has inked an agreement with Xera, lining out our future strategic cooperation as well as direct financial engagement.

Pecunio will support Xera in its mission to become one of the fastest and highly secure advanced exchange solutions in the market.

Under the provisions of the investment agreement, Pecunio intends to acquire XERA tokens for up to $ 4,000,000 in crypto assets, with an initial round of $ 2,000,000. With further top-up rounds envisioned, the targeted transaction will accelerate Xera’s capital raise, growth, and speed-to-market as it expands its institutional visibility globally.

About Xera

The Xera team is made up of experienced traders who have garnered decades of experience between them in the banking and information technology sectors. This has allowed the team to identify the most crucial and necessary aspects required in any world class crypto exchange. Many traders currently have to use third-party and other subscription based paid tools to have all their bases covered while executing cryptocurrency trades. Xera will be a state of the art cryptocurrency exchange with all of these tools built in from the get-go, resolving some of the key issues traders face on current exchanges.

Time is Money!

Benjamin franklin said it best, and it’s a quote that holds truer today than ever before. In the fast paced and volatile world of cryptocurrency we have seen that seconds can make all the difference when it comes to entering and exiting trade at the most profitable moments. Xera have created what will be one of the fastest and lowest latency trading engines on the market once live, and have already broken 2.5M tps throughput and sub 5ms latency in there proof of concept system! And still they strive to enhance the system further and increase scalability!

Highly Secure, Highly Liquid

Xera’s highly experienced security team is backed by rigourious set of audits and the latest inovations in cybersecurity and will keep not only your crypto and fiat, but also your Personal identity information secure and safe.

One of the biggest hurdles faced by many exchanges is the issue of liquidity. To solve this issue Xera will dedicate a 10% share from profit generated from trading fees and use that money to fund a reserve liquidty pool, ensuring high liquidity at all times.

All of the above features and the platform will also support Auto-Trading, a clever SMS/email notification mechanism, Multiple orders, Dual Dashboard (advanced and basic), Fiat integration and Integrated on-ite Tutorials to help guide those new to the cryptocurrency world.

Token Utility

The XERA will be a ERC-20 standard token and will act as the native currency to support and fuel the Xera ecosystem. Standard fees of 0.1% will be slashed to 0.05% when comparing standard pairs to the equivalent XERA token pairing. At the end of each quarter Xera will buy back XERA tokens using 20% of the total quarterly profit generated from trading fees. These coins will then be burned to lower supply and combat inflation.

About Pecunio Blockchain Technologies and Pecunio VC Fund

Pecunio is a successful player in the crypto market with an expert team and a global board of advisors with top tier industry pedigree, such as Phil Nunn, Michael Creadon and Sam Ward. Following the first boom cycle of crypto currencies, professional investors start focusing on new and innovative solutions with actual use cases, MVPs and high disruptive potential, we call it “Blockchain 2.0”. Potential candidates with outstanding market potential have surfaced, some of them with a promising outlook to become the next generation of Silicon Valley blue chips. With the required experience and expertise, Pecunio has created a unique and all encompassing solution to capitalize on the opportunities arising from “Blockchain 2.0”. Pecunio’s flagship product is the Pecunio VC fund, that bundles the most promising Blockchain initiatives and allows investors to participate in the prospects of these companies from a very early stage on. Pecunio is led by Reinhard Berger, a former Hedge Fund manager and Capital Markets professional.

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