Pecunio VC Fund (Dubai) pledges up to $4,000,000 funding for leading Blockchain Startup CINDX

DUBAI, UAE and MOSCOW, RUSSIA, Monday, November 5th, 2018.

Pecunio is a Dubai-based Venture Capital Fund that holds an ever growing portfolio of blockchain companies with its most recent investments being in leading projects like Lynked.World, Multiven, Coinseason and Photochain to name a few. As of recently, Pecunio has inked an agreement with CINDX, lining out our future strategic cooperation as well as direct financial engagement.

“Fintech and Financial Applications is still the area with the fastest pace of blockchain innovation. CINDX will be a next generation crypto currency platform because of its ease of use and powerful blockchain solution architecture. Pecunio is pleased to partner with this highly motivated and professional team,” said Reinhard Berger, CEO, Pecunio. “My honest congratulations to Yuriy, Alexander, Denis and the whole CINDX team, they are about to reestablish trust in the crypto currency investment space. From this particular project we will hear a lot about in the future, especially because of their outstanding leadership and team”.

Pecunio will support CINDX in their mission to become the go-to blockchain ecosystem for investors, traders, managers and vendors.

Under the provisions of the investment agreement, Pecunio intends to acquire CINX tokens for up to $4,000,000 in crypto assets, with an initial round of $1,500,000. With further top-up rounds envisioned, the targeted transaction will accelerate Cindx’s capital raise, growth, and speed-to-market as it expands its institutional visibility globally.

About Cindx

Cindx is a Crypto Asset Management Hub. With the majority of investors and traders in the crypto sphere being retail investors, it comes as no surprise that over 97% of them take losses due to lack of experience. Cindx aims to solve this problem by creating a platform where amateur investors can sync their accounts with the accounts of the best traders, giving the inexperienced investor a lifeline and a chance to make a profit, while the experienced traders earn more by using their experience to help these newcomers to the crypto sphere. In addition to this users of the platform will only be charged fees if their portfolio turns a profit.

Cindx.Trade for Traders

Traders are provided with advanced tools to help successfully make a profit while trading. The main feature here being traders can attract capital with $0 marketing. All trade history and influence is transparent, allowing others to see the trader’s profits and losses, thus allowing the trader to monetize their reputation and expertise!, Cindx.Hub & Cindx.Dao

Cindx also plan to implement social aspects to their project withCindx.Talkbeing a social network that rewards users for useful content.

Cindx.Hubincludes a vendors account, as well as a hub for testing and integrating third-party software.

Cindx.Daoallows the user to implement a voting system for the community based on decentralised autonomous organisation rules.

These three elements work in synergy to provide a highly supportive and engaging social space for traders, vendors and investors.

With Cindx’s focus on creating an all in one investment hub and Pecunio’s mission of making crypto investments both safe and easy, we felt that this partnership was a no-brainer and would like to sincerely welcome Cindx to our ever expanding network and VC fund!

About Pecunio Blockchain Technologies and Pecunio VC Fund

Pecunio is a successful player in the crypto market with an expert team and a global board of advisors with top tier industry pedigree, such as Phil Nunn, Michael Creadon and Sam Ward. Following the first boom cycle of crypto currencies, professional investors start focusing on new and innovative solutions with actual use cases, MVPs and high disruptive potential, we call it “Blockchain 2.0”. Potential candidates with outstanding market potential have surfaced, some of them with a promising outlook to become the next generation of Silicon Valley blue chips. With the required experience and expertise, Pecunio has created a unique and all encompassing solution to capitalize on the opportunities arising from “Blockchain 2.0”. Pecunio’s flagship product is the Pecunio VC fund, that bundles the most promising Blockchain initiatives and allows investors to participate in the prospects of these companies from a very early stage on. Pecunio is led by Reinhard Berger, a former Hedge Fund manager and Capital Markets professional.

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