TABARAK Investment Bank and PECUNIO Blockchain Technologies team up to cater selected digital assets to the region’s ultra rich clientele.

Dubai, 6th of May 2019

PECUNIO Blockchain Technologies has entered into a collaboration agreement with the prestigious and innovative TABARAK Investment Bank, to cater selected digital assets to the region’s ultra-rich clientele. TABARAK is a leading Investment bank in the United Arab Emirates, and is the only DIFC investment bank with regulatory approval to engage with Digital Assets, positioning it as a natural leader in the booming blockchain market in the UAE and the wider GCC region.

The partnership framework lines out the future roadmap for the two industry leaders’ Digital Asset Management activities, leveraging the know-how of successfully created and performing Digital Assets such as PGX and PCO, and the technical and operational groundworks for efficiently performing Digital Asset Management and Custodial operations.

The partners will create and issue a Digital Gold Token (PGX), backed by the 5 Billion USD Gold Reserve Sukuk Fund managed by TABARAK. With this massive collateral base, the digital PGX is poised to instantly become one of the most important Asset Backed Tokens worldwide. In a first tranche, TABARAK will issue Gold Tokens to the equivalent of 25 Million Grams of Gold, which equals an asset value of approximately 1 Billion US Dollars.

PECUNIO will also grant access to Digital Assets for TABARAK’s clients on an institutional scale. PECUNIO will further support TABARAK with access to their institutional over the counter (OTC) desk and help build their Digital Assets custodial services.

This high-profile partnership agreement sets the stage for a new era of digital asset management; Digital Assets backed by real-world assets such as Gold, providing optimal transparency, liquidity and control, while keeping cost and complexity low by leveraging PECUNIO’s expertise.

This venture is expected to yield significant financial benefits for both partners and provide a significant boost to their share- and token holders respectively.

PECUNIO is constantly working on bringing new partners into the ecosystem and boosting their Digital Assets experience.

PECUNIO CEO, Reinhard Berger, comments as such: „TABARAK Investment Bank is one of the few major financial institutions to recognize the disruptive power of Blockchain Technology. We are happy to team up with such a well-established asset management institution in our region. With TABARAK’s client base, tapping the ultrawealthy institutions and families in counties as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, PECUNIO will be best positioned to open opportunities both on the investor and the project side.“

TABARAK’s MOB and Head of Digital Asset Management, Christian Thurner BA/BO concludes: „TABARAK Investment Bank and its banking partners serve UHNWI in the GCC region, to the maximum possible extend. One of the most recurring topics of the ultrawealthy is, simply spoken, how to enter the Digital Assets Markets, to capitalize on the fantastic growth potential. With PECUNIO, we have found a well-established, knowledgeable and trustworthy partner who will help us cater to this ultra-exclusive clientele. Creating Solutions of the Future, this is the aspiration on ourselves!

About TABARAK Investment Bank

TABARAK Investment Capital is a fully-fledged Investment Bank, has positioned itself to be an essential partner of High Net-Worth Individuals & Corporates seeking professional services in Asset Management, Islamic / Conventional Banking, Investment Banking Services & arranging. TABARAK renders a broad range of tailored Islamic and Conventional Asset Management, Financial Advisory Services and is recognized for excellence in arranging its exceptional Islamic & Conventional Products along with innovative solutions through its network of dedicated partners globally.


PECUNIO is an asset platform for safe and easy blockchain investments and is the leading Fintech company in the Dubai/UAE area. Their platform’s products and services cover a huge sector of blockchain innovation. Investors benefit from a sound business model, which enables investments into angel & venture capital investment, initial coin offerings (ICO), high-end cryptocurrency funds, security tokens and asset-backed tokens. PECUNIO’s mission is to lower technical and psychological hurdles in the crypto market by providing easy and secure access to it. PECUNIO combines professional financial management and technical expertise with reliable regulated structures.

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