As you know our ICO concluded, and Pecunio, the asset platform for safe and easy blockchain investments, was able to sell and exchange
tokens in value of Millions of US Dollars making it one of the most
successful blockchain projects of 2018.

Of course work doesn’t end there. Being one of the most successful ICOs in 2018 and the leading FinTech company in the United Arab Emirates comes with responsibility and lots of new tasks.

We decided to give you a short summary of what happened since the closing of our token offering:

Partnerships in the industry

During the end and especially in the time after the ICO most of our time and dedication went into strategic development, strengthening ties in the blockchain industry.

Pecunio has established in being a known brand and can proudly present itself with its partners and growing ties in the industry. We are had contact with many interesting projects and decided to list some of them here.

Pecunio partnered up with the following projects: is a next generation financial institution based on blockchain technology, providing the ultimate in security and transparency. Both platforms aim at enhancing the experience of blockchain investing with high end tech and revolutionary assets.

Bancor Pecunio integrates the Bancor Protocol to provide even higher liquidity to investors and platform users. PCO token holders will gain access to continuous liquidity regardless of trade volume or exchange listings, via the use of the Bancor protocol. The tokens can be automatically converted to any other token integrated with the Bancor Network.

Welltrado connects more than 4500 P2P lending platforms into one seamless network, powered by blockchain technology. The platform uses AI and Big Data to minimise investment risk and save time while still delivering profitable returns (4–35%). Just recently Welltrado was awarded both jury and audience awards on the d10 conference, the biggest ICO pitch competition.

XchangeRate an excellent multi trade interface powered with AI (Augmented Intelligence), engaged in a strategic investment partnership with Pecunio. XchangerateRobot presents a solution, based on an intelligent algorithm that helps traders profitably navigate the complex cryptocurrency market in one convenient platform.

Sharpay creates an innovational multi-sharing button for websites and social media, connected to a token reward system that rewards users whenever they share content. With their slogan “sharing is the new mining” and a working MVP, they revolutionize the way of content promotion and are one of the most high rated ICOs in the space.

Pecunio advises the following projects:

Vestarin a marketplace for goods and services for cryptocurrency eradicating the need of conversion to fiat money. It covers a worldwide audience and offers users to shop, pay bills or order items in stores integrated in their app.

Einc is an Ethereum fork with enhanced features for business purpose. The need for a purely decentralized architecture where organisations can run and flourish without any intermediaries led eInc to commence the EtherInc Blockchain. eInc dApp is a smart contract with inbuilt protocols to run a organization. EtherInc Blockchain offers both, decentralization as well as, higher bandwidth needed to run global organizations.

DeCoin is a Decentralized Blockchain-Based Exchange & Trading Platform with Redistributed Revenues to Coin holders. A fully Secure Technology System for cryptocurrency users to exploit their full potential aligning with the Decentralized nature of the Block-Chain itself. DECOIN aims to build a world-renowned customer care centers worldwide to facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

For more info on our partnerships,


KYC procedure

The second step included a thorough “Know Your Customer” procedure, to verify each user that participated in our Pre-ICO/ICO. KYC is a necessary process for a business in order to identify the identity of clients, to comply with anti money laundering regulations and ensure safety and validity of investors.

In most cases national identity cards as well as travel documents are used for such purpose. We chose to introduce two Tiers for now and will add further verification steps for large scale investors.

For all our users this means the following: The procedure for Tier 1 is completed for all investors and results will be presented tomorrow May 14th 2018.

Because of massive and unexpected volume of token claims, further verification for bonuses, airdrops etc. will be done in consecutive batches.

Where will Pecunio be listed?

Every crypto project profits from being listed on exchanges, both in terms of visibility and overall liquidity. For several reasons our team decided to seek for several listings concurrently, preventing token concentration and preserving our company’s working capital. We chose a range of trusted and liquid exchanges for distribution and initial trading of our tokens. After successful launch we will constantly add further exchanges, thus increasing volume and distribution of tokens. For now, we put forward applications, respectively partnered with the following networks/exchanges:

Dates and further listings as well as special bounties will follow.

Where does Pecunio stand right now?

The project started in late summer of 2017, we are close to our first birthday. In this time we achieved quite some memorable milestones and want to share the most determining ones in this bulleted list:

· A strong 100.000+ user base and strong support from the FinTech industry

· An ICO with tokens placedwith the equivalent value of $20.5MM US from KYC verified investors and institutional deals

· First working product, PCC fund token, successfully launched on the ICONOMI platform on 4th of October 2017

· Second viable product, PGX gold token sold out on April 6th 2018 to institutional investors

· David Drake from LDJ Capital joins Pecunio opening his industry contacts to major media assets and investors

· Engaged community with a dozen community managers from all around the world

· Reputable partners in the crypto space (Iconomi, Vestarin,, Bancor, Xchangerate, Sharpay, … )

· A clear concept for generating future revenues; three pillars: institutional funds, gold token, exchange

As you can see, there we have a proven track record of success and we intend on keeping it going. Pecunio is constantly featured in social media, you can easily track us with our hashtags #pecunio #pecun_io

What does Pecunio offer?

We have done a lot of work with our existing products and we will bring further innovations to the market. Our current products include:

    highly targeted tokenized investment vehicles, bringing top blockchain performers to the institutional market.
  • PCC
    our fund managed and offered by ICONOMI is a proof of a working product. The clever diversification of funds means that risks are lowered while maintaining high performance attributes.
  • PGX
    a stable coin that is backed by a real asset with low volatility, trusted since hundreds of years: Every Pecunio Gold Token represents exactly 1 gram of segregated, unallocated 999.9 fine gold from LBMA-approved refineries
    PCO company tokens are utility tokens and open the gates to investing on the platform. A fully asset-backed gold token offers protection from volatility losses.

For your success

Please beware of anyone trying to sell or buy from you directly. They could try to scam you. Beware of websites with fake token listings. Never buy from any exchange websites we did not confirm on our official channels.

Stay connected with us!

Also keep in mind you are fully responsible for securing your Pecunio token. There are several options from mobile wallets to paper- and cold storage wallets, just make sure your tokens are safe from fraud — or keep them in your account on our platform.

The best way to gain from the momentum and developments of the project, is to #hodl the tokens you own. They are your gate to the financial future enabling access to our products and services on the platform.

Value is created with every user and with every investment made on our platform.

So hold your share of the future and ride with Pecunio!

You have further questions?

Make sure to join our telegram both CHANNEL and CHAT






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