(Or how I don’t understand what pedophilia is)

Another very typical troll ‘argument’ we get on Twitter is that we’re trying to ‘justify/defend/promote/push/…’ pedophilia. Similar to the accusations of trying to ‘normalize’ it, this just goes to show how much they love to get into arguments about things they don’t understand, using words they don’t even know the meaning of.

If you’re going to get into an argument about pedophilia, the least you could do is understand what the word means — and doesn’t mean. Pedophilia, as I have repeated ad nauseam here (and I do on Twitter about 10,000 times a day), is an unchosen condition by which some people experience sexual attraction towards prepubescent children. This means two things:

  • First, unchosen means exactly that: no one chooses to have feelings of sexual attraction towards children; not any more than anyone chooses to be gay, or bisexual, or any other sexual orientation. If you’re going to argue that people choose their sexual orientations — whether ‘disordered’ or ‘legitimate’ — please come back to me once you stop sounding like an Onion article.
  • Second, it’s a condition, as opposed to an act. Therefore, it’s not something one does, but a state of being.

The combination of these two things means that pedophilia is something that manifests itself in nature at a certain rate — current conservative estimates say it affects 1–2% of the adult male population — and affects people in a seemingly random fashion, meaning that anyone can be unfortunate enough to discover one day, growing up, that they are sexually attracted to children. This makes pedophilia an unchosen biological trait no different than other unchosen traits such as, for example, race, eye color, albinism, or achondroplasia.

Unchosen conditions aren’t subject to ‘justification’, ‘defense’ or ‘promotion’ (or normalization). All of these conditions manifest themselves at a certain rate — some randomly, some influenced by genes— and no amount of talking about them on Twitter or anywhere else is going to be able to affect their prevalence, because that’s just not how unchosen biological conditions work. Saying that you’re tying to ‘justify’, ‘defend’ or ‘promote’ pedophilia makes as much sense as saying you’re trying to justify, defend or promote blue eyes, red hair, brown skin or left-handedness, which is: no sense at all. Since pedophilia is not a chosen act, I can no sooner convince people to become pedophiles than I can make them change the color of their eyes.

So please, educate yourself first before attempting to have a discussion with me on Twitter, or anywhere else. Otherwise you just make yourself look like a fool.

“YOU’RE TRYING TO JUSTIFY/DEFEND/PROMOTE PEDOPHILIA!!” is the second entry in “the troll series”, a new series of posts dedicated to debunking the most common claims from mindless trolls on Twitter in the most succinct way possible. Other entries in the series include:

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