How this Pakistani App is helping people save BIG

Everybody loves a bargain — Deal, discounts, sales, rebates wherever you go be it online or brick and mortar, malls or restaurants you see some sort of attraction based on price, Buy One Get One free, 70% off.

Even banks and vouchers companies are entering alliance with businesses to offer benefits. According to studies the Psychology discounts and deals prevents the consumers from searching for other offers.It creates certain sense of urgency in the mind of shoppers to acts. Businesses know this very well that is why they are spending tons of money in marketing their message. Billboards, TV, Print Advertisement, SMS marketing, digital media & much more. But there is only so much that a human brain can store.There comes a point when it begins to selectively distort the information.

This is where Peekaboo Guru comes in. The only Pakistani location based business directory that aggregates all the deals & discounts around you. The primary problem that it solves is that it collects the data from across the industry on its centralised platform and syndicate it to the right audience. It allows you to search businesses on Distance and Relevance.

Secondly, it helps consumers find the answers to basic problems which may sound simple to solve but are a real pain point. This application also acts as your business directory — Location, Direction, Branches, Timings, Contact Details, Gallery and rich Content — Everything you need to conclude the Decision.

People travelling within the city or around the country are not at the mercy of local hosts and guides. This application will be their companion wherever they go.

“ This service absolutely blew me away. I was really skeptical whether it would deliver what it promises or not, but to my great and pleasant surprise it not only delivered but blew my expectations away! An epic example of how an app should be developed! Keep up the amazing work.”~Sincerely, A budget conscious student, Ahad Khattak.

It’s not just a valuable source of information for the consumers but also allows the banks, businesses and voucher companies and others in terms Analytics, lead generation, B2B alliance channel, Rich Content and promotions.

The unprecedented response given to Peekaboo by the consumers demonstrates the eagerness and interests of the users to discounts and privileges offered by the Banks and business and one can only imagine that the trend will continue to grow.

Install Now and Save Big.

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