Family matters.

Joellen Anderson
Stories from Peepal Farm
2 min readJan 21, 2018


But do our family values tell us that only our own families matter? Or that all families do?

Before we even answer that question, we should define “Family”. The dictionary defines it as “A group consisting of two parents and their children living together as a unit.” But are we now civilised enough to consider a single mom raising her two kids on the street as a family?

If you do consider them a family, then read the story of Isabella, Maria, and Ferdinand.

Isabella was abandoned on the road by people who didn’t value her anymore. She first gave birth to her daughter, Maria. Maria is now a year old, and Isabella has a young son, Ferdinand. Maria is still very attached to her mother, and this family travel everywhere as a group.

Until Isabella was hit by a truck so hard it fractured her pelvis and gave her a gigantic hernia (ruptured muscle) on her side.

Most dairies and individuals who keep cows (if they don’t abandon the calf in its first days) wean the young calves and separate them from their mothers at 3 months old. I look at Maria and Isabella — at their bond as mother and daughter — and wonder who could split them up even after one year.

So, do you think it’s okay to break apart families to consume pizza? Don’t help companies like Dominoes and Pizza Hut get ultra-rich by destroying families like Isabella’s. Don’t consume dairy!