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Tech is the new black //

New York Fashion Week is upon us… don’t pretend you’re not excited! Oh you’re not? Well there’s at least one reason that you should be. Wearable technology is transferring over from the land of futuristic dreams and the super-rich and into the land of consumption by the masses (ok, smart watches aren’t as common as Timex yet, but they’re definitely almost a thing).

Increasingly, wearable tech has been making noise in high fashion (LED is the new fabulous, darling), andCuteCircuit, based in London, has been making the rounds since 2004. Designers Franseca Rosella and Ryan Genz are testing the boundaries, as is NYFW tradition. Here are some things so crazy they just might work (on a runway at least):

Image via CuteCircuit
  1. The iMini skirt is a USB chargeable skirt with LED technology that syncs with CuteCircuit’s mobile app. I think we all really needed this in our lives. Now we’re all one step closer to getting to be Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy in the final scene of Blades of Glory for Halloween every year, á la Jenna Marbles.
Image via CuteCircuit

2) CuteCircuit’s Twirkle Disc T-Shirt is 100% cotton embedded with LED Technology as well. This wearable tech is USB chargeable, washable, and easy to pair with some classic jeans (read: clearly made for everyone, you should own seven of them) (p.s. ignore price tag).

Is tech the new black? I’ll let you be the judge.

Too smart or finally smart enough? //

Image via CNET

We’re just going to keep going with this wearable tech thing and talk about the Moto 360. This gadget became available in the US today, and holds the distinction of being the first circular Android Wear timepiece. It costs $250, which is $30 more than the original LG G Watch, and $50 more than the Samsung Gear Live, which means it will be the receiver of even more of your dispensable income.

This looks like something I would actually wear, and defines itself as a little more classic, disbarring images of clunky computers chained restrictively to wrists. It looks clean, well-made, and I’m going to go so far as to call it chic: polished steel, a thin watchband that tucks underneath, and a beautiful set of specially-designed software watch faces. Although I don’t know if I would give up Kate Spade for it, the fact that you can get personalized notifications based on your location and activity is pretty cool. Although all of these watches have Google’s Android Wear in common, this hardware might be the best way to showcase it thus far.

Image via Intelligent Future Consulting

It’s a little strange to think that we would not have even really dreamed of this ten years ago, and now it’s becoming normal. It’s all happening so fast. When these things get too smart, who will watch the watches? This thing’s already telling us how much we have to work out; there’s a heart-rate monitor that tracks you and recommends you work out moderately for 30 minutes 5 days a week. I’m picturing a great premise for a watches-take-over the-world-by-controlling-their-owners kind of movie. But hey, I’m no Spielberg, just a thought.

Image via Meme Generator

Do you already own a smartwatch? Contribute to the great smart-watch war by letting me know what you think.

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