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2 min readOct 18, 2023


Our partner, advertising network A-ADS, offers a 5% discount on traffic using the promo code PEERCLICK2023. Create a campaign and enjoy reduced traffic costs for 30 days!

What is A-ADS?

A-ADS is a cryptocurrency advertising network where you can purchase the traffic you need at an exceptionally low CPM. The platform operates on various advertising models, including CPD (Cost Per Day), CPA (Cost Per Action), and Revenue Sharing.

A-ADS is trusted by 100s of global advertisers such as BC.GAME, BitKong, Pasino, BitMart, TrustDice and others.

What A-ADS benefits await you:

Direct sales from banner

Your website visitors can buy ads directly through a banner

Totally self-serve

Promote your crypto project fast, easily, and automated with no human contacts

Multiple banner formats

Extensive choice of banner sizes to optimize your website ad space

Regarding advertising, it’s essential to reach an audience that fits your business. The A-ADS platform allows you to access publishers of all sizes and any business from the extensive collection. Global targeting settings will enable you to advertise worldwide, targeting all network traffic, website categories, specific sites, or ad spaces.

A-ADS’s one-click budget management feature makes managing an advertising budget simple. Set a daily budget to spend and start a campaign effortlessly. You can even add CPA or RevShare paying models to get extra conversions, optimizing your budget for maximum results.

In addition, the A-ADS platform provides transparent statistics. Use a data-driven approach based on campaign data performance in the user dashboard.

A-ADS also offers:

No registration

Start without wasting time filling in your data forms. Your account will be created automatically

Crypto deposits

We accept bitcoin and other the most popular cryptocurrencies and tokens and let our clients earn bitcoin with a quick withdrawal process

Rapid moderation service

We provide a speedy moderation service to reject scams and inappropriate content

First-class 24/7 support

Our dedicated Support Team is always available and does its best to provide a highly satisfying conversation experience

How to start with A-ADS?

  1. Create a campaign

Fill in the title and the text of your ad, upload banners if you have some

2. Complete the settings

Set up price limits and choose your target audience

3. Top up your account

Deposit funds and wait for a campaign moderation

4. Get the result

Well done! Your advertising is launched!

Create a campaign and start getting a targeted audience today! Ask A-ADS any question on Telegram, if any.



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