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PeerClick as an alternative to Google Analytics: which is better for the affiliate marketer?

Since our company has been founded the employees always face the next question. Is Google analytics better than such trackers as PeerClick? There are many people at the affiliate conferences who want to discuss this issue. So, is it worth spending money on a tracker or the capabilities of the Google platform are enough?

Both products have their own supporters, and this is absolutely understandable. In some cases, using Google Analytics is undeniably a better option than PeerClick. However, for specific affiliate marketing cases, PeerClick is perfect. And today we’ll tell you why.

In this article, we will try to present our arguments and let the audience decide how convincing they are. We have no intentions to hide the inconvenient truth. In some ways Google Analytics is better than PeerClick.

It should be emphasized that both platforms are realized for certain ideas, and both platforms are perfect for the implementation of these ideas.

And if you need to launch an affiliate campaign, PeerClick is a much better option than Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a great platform for web page owners as well as those who run e-commerce stores or serve company websites.

Google Analytics can tell them about everything that happens to the website (the number of visits or different actions taken by the user, as well as provide detailed information about the audience).

But, if your website is just a means to an end, you should look for an alternative to Google Analytics.

The idea behind PeerClick is to let internet marketers work with different landing pages, set up their rotation, and run A / B testing. PeerСlick also makes it possible to integrate third-party platforms such as affiliate and ad networks that use URLs to post back conversion reports. Google Analytics cannot do this.

As a result, we can conclude that Google Analytics is an analytical platform, while PeerClick allows you to both analyze traffic and manage it.

Externally, Google Analytics and PeerClick are very similar. Both are cloud-based data analysis platforms that provide information on how many visitors came to your page and what device they were using.

This is where the similarities end.

Tracking events

Google Analytics uses scripts and API integrations with Google Ads to track visits, events, and conversions, and transmit various information.

PeerClick uses both techniques:

Direct script based tracking

API integration with many popular traffic sources

together with the third:

Redirects for tracking and transferring information between platforms.

Redirects are more commonly used in the affiliate marketing world. After all, they are much easier to configure than to implement scripts everywhere.

Thanks to this versatility, PeerClick can track not only visits, but also impressions (views of your ad on the publisher’s site) and conversions that occur on third-party offer pages.

Google Analytics can’t do something like this. Until you place the script on the page, you won’t be able to track anything.

Redirects and postback URLs (both not supported by Google Analytics) work well with offers from affiliate networks. In most cases, you cannot edit the HTML code of such offer pages. But you can direct your visitors there and get the postbacks about the conversions using PeerClick.

In addition, PeerClick API integration with popular paid traffic sources (including Google Ads) allows you to get information about your expenses. Here you will also find information about payments from affiliate networks.

While Google Analytics allows you to dig deeply into the data (not deep enough — you can’t access the raw data) and create complex reports, that is where its functionality ends. If you decide to take any action based on your analysis, Google Analytics will be of little use.

PeerClick has a whole management layer on top of the analytical layer. This means you can take steps to properly manage and optimize the traffic for your campaigns.

Perform quick and easy A / B tests to determine which offers and landing pages are best for your traffic.

Create rule-based paths that distribute the flow of visitors based on specific characteristics. For example, you can direct iPhone users to one landing page and Android users to another.

You can influence the settings of your campaign in the traffic source from PeerClick using integrations. This will be described in more detail in the next section.

PeerClick was designed to be a complete affiliate solution. When you run a company website, you don’t need to be as flexible as you have to dealing with traffic. Affiliates are not tied to a single page or product. They often switch, change strategies, and they need a tool that allows them to do this.

Anti-fraud solution to protect against bots. This feature analyzes your traffic and compares it to bot traffic by 13 metrics specific. Such as: fast clicks, checking IP addresses from well-known data centers, unidentified user agents and much more.

Landing page protection. Hides your landing page from all visitors who did not come from your ad, but came to your page naturally or using ad spy tools. Keep your creatives private.

Conversion cap. Allows you to quickly switch offers when the daily conversion limit is reached. Never let your traffic go to waste.

! Google Analytics does not have any of these features.

Both platforms can work with multiple users. Both have manual upload conversions and can track custom conversions.

When working with PeerClick, you will also get a unique domain for tracking purposes only, automated campaign optimization and many useful tools such as: real-time routing API

PeerClick was developed as an alternative to Google Analytics for clients with special needs. One of these challenges is to reduce the workload required to keep campaigns running by offering multiple automation options.

PeerClick Automation allows affiliates to create rules that affect campaign performance when certain conditions are met.

  • Imagine that fraudulent traffic eats up almost the entire budget of your campaign. What can be done? In PeerClick, you can create a rule that will stop a campaign if it is identified as a bot based on some metrics. Doing so will protect your campaign budget as well as your reputation in the affiliate network.
  • PeerClick allows you to create whitelists and blacklists for ad placement, and then use those lists in future campaigns. How does it work? Placement is the specific location where your ad appears. You can create a rule that adds placements that are profitable to one list and those that are not profitable to another. When launching the next campaign, you can create a new rule that allows traffic only from the list of good sites (White List) or blocks sites that have not brought you any profit.
  • When working with advertising campaigns, no matter how much you want, you cannot work on a clear schedule. Unfortunately, no living creature can work 24/7. Working with PeerClick, you can create several rules that will send alerts through different channels (email, browser push notifications, telegram messages) when something bad or extremely important happens.

For instance:

a) The number of conversions has dropped to zero in the last 3 hours.

b) ROI has fallen below the set threshold.

c) A high CTR is accompanied by a very low CR.

This may mean that your offer has died or your landing page has stopped working, perhaps your campaign has been banned. Now you will always be informed and ready to take action!

The biggest difference between Google Analytics and any tracking solution is that the platform is completely free.

Google already owns a network of servers on which it can store data for its analytics service. PeerClick has to pay for expensive and fast servers. We need these servers not only to store your data, but also to provide instant redirects.

Plus, few things in the world today are truly free. When you work with Google, you pay with your data. Google revenue comes from serving ads. It makes sense for Google to provide a decent analytics tool for free if it can collect more data about advertisers and customer behavior.

There is no double bottom in PeerClick: you pay for technical support with money. Nobody will analyze your data, because nobody needs it. We are not an advertising company, we have no ulterior motives. We just offer you a powerful tool for working with advertising campaigns and try to make your experience with us as pleasant and positive as possible.

What’s more, not all Google Analytics features are free. If you want advanced features, you have to pay. Google Analytics’ business model can be described as “shareware”.

It’s up to you to decide what you like best!



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