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Push Traffic Sources for Newbies in 2020

In 2020, choosing a good push traffic source for a newbie can be a really hard task. Almost every ad platform offers this type of traffic. But how can we make the right choice?

At the registration stage, you may encounter a number of problems:

→ Huge minimum deposit to get started.

→ High requirements for experience in affiliate marketing.

And who wants to start their journey in affiliate marketing with a 500-dollar debt and a fake screen of income statistics?

Better to opt for a more beginner-friendly ad network, with stable profits and great potential. How to find it? You will find the answer in this article.

Introduction to push traffic

In 2017, push traffic became a surprising discovery for the entire affiliate world. It was a trend picked up by everyone from solo affiliates to large advertising agencies and marketing platforms.

In 2020, Push traffic doesn’t slow down. It is still very attractive and profitable.

The State of the Internet in 2020

The internet in 2020 is both wonderful and wildly annoying.

The possibilities of the Internet have become immense. Now you can do things that you haven’t imagined before. For example, you can watch your favorite videos in 4K resolution. Work with documents and spreadsheets that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Arrange video conferences with 50 people at the same time. Store important information in the cloud without taking any space on your device.

But there is also a downside to the coin: complex legislation and tough marketing practices make users to go through a lot of cookie consent pop-ups and GDPR information.

Pop-up notifications

Among the many pop-up windows on a new web page, you can often find permission to receive notifications. By clicking on such a window, you give permission to receive notifications and the browser is added to the contact list of the web page. The webpage can now send you various notifications, which include:

  • Updates
  • Promotions
  • New offers
  • Alerts

These notifications will appear on your computer and mobile devices. Web pages aren’t the only place where you can see push-notifications. Mobile apps can show them too. If you do not manually disable notifications, push notifications will inform you about everything that happens in the application.

This is the way, how webmasters manage to build a database of people who want to view ads.

A new kind of traffic

Push traffic has shaken the entire advertising market with its appearance. Even in their wildest fantasies, marketers of 2010 couldn’t imagine people who want to receive customized marketing messages. But push notifications achieved great success in it.

Notification consents pre-qualify the audience. Push traffic is the only type of traffic except newsletters based on permission. Any other type of traffic (pop-up ads, native ads, or video ads) is rejected by users. We have to try hard to make this type of advertising attractive enough. There will be no such problems with push notifications.

Traffic sources for newbies

But how to determine whether push traffic is suitable for newbies or not? Maybe this type of traffic is good only for experienced affiliates?

The uniqueness of push notifications is that they suit everyone. Almost all affiliates start with push notifications. Then they scale up or move on to other ad formats.

You just need to figure out which push traffic sources are best for newbies.

Why are push traffic sources good for newbies?

Simplicity is what attracts newbies. The ideal push traffic source for them is one with an intuitive user interface, low or reasonable minimum deposit, basic targeting options, and global traffic.

Newbies don’t need huge amounts of traffic. Most of them don’t narrowly target their traffic and launch hundreds of campaigns.

However, global coverage is important, as most newbies do not specialize in any particular market. They will try a little bit of everything.

The anti-fraud tools built into most traffic sources are also a great advantage for newbies. More experienced affiliates can define that something is wrong with traffic just looking at the statistics. Beginners need more visual cues.

Finally, newbies need a hassle-free setup combined with powerful and easy-to-use optimization options.

We have compiled a list of the best push traffic sources especially for you. Please note that they are all integrated with the PeerClick tracker.


PropellerAds is one of the most well-known platforms on the market that can offer something to everyone. Newbies will clearly appreciate the low $ 100 minimum deposits.

PropellersAds supports in-page push format, which is a great alternative to the regular push format. This format avoids blocking on some devices and browsers. In-page push looks and feels like a standard notification. It is generated by the web page itself, not by the web browser, so it can bypass any restrictions imposed on push traffic.

The PropellerAds’ Insights section offers many valuable resources on push and other types of traffic.


Adsterra offers a special type of push notifications — web push. This is actually a standard display ad that looks like a regular push notification. One of the positive moments of web pushes is that they are generated by the web page itself and not by the web browser. So no browser restrictions will be able to affect the performance. It will even bypass the restrictions on IOS Safari.

Setting up a campaign in Adsterra is simple. Integration with the PeerClick tracker is also available.

The minimum deposit is modest and pleasant for a beginner — only $ 100.


The guys have been on the market recently, but have already powerfully declared themselves. Everything is good here: low minimum deposit ($ 100), micro bids, ideas and recommendations for those who need help, advanced targeting options.

In addition, Richpush has functionality to create automated rules. With the help of these rules you can blacklist sites or adjust bids if specified conditions are met.

One more platform with the word “push” in its name immediately gives a hint on what type of traffic it specializes in

A feature of is its versatility. Here you will be able to post many types of targeted links, including links to the Google Play Store, phone numbers, WhatsApp contact details or contact details in messengers. allows you to work with external feeds. So you can work with the traffic flows that come from publishers outside the network. Please note that this option is available with a $ 200 deposit, which is twice higher than the minimum amount.


Like other traffic sources, Evadav offers push traffic along with other formats.

What really deserves your attention are the automated rules that you can use to optimize your traffic.

Evadav also allows forecasting traffic volumes, which greatly simplifies development strategy planning.

The interface will be the cherry on top. It is very pleasant and attractive to users.

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And how is it possible to work with traffic sources without a powerful tracker? PeerClick is integrated with more than 100+ traffic sources and the list of integrators is constantly growing! In addition, PeerClick will welcome everyone and help to set up regardless of the experience.



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