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Ad tracking essentially involves collecting data to understand the effectiveness of your advertising expenditure. It’s neither mystical nor controversial, but rather fundamental data analysis critical for any thriving business.

Among the plethora of trackers on the market, we consider PeerClick to be the most fitting for the majority of marketers, particularly those focused on reaching tangible objectives. A sizable enterprise isn’t a prerequisite for employing a specialized ad tracker; if your daily advertising budget exceeds $50 — $100, the investment in PeerClick can be easily justified, a point we aim to demonstrate in this article.

PeerClick is highly regarded by seasoned marketers for its design, tailored to address the real challenges they encounter and continue to face. Offering a comprehensive solution, PeerClick boasts an extensive feature set that outpaces its rivals.

Our ascent to the industry’s summit can be attributed to:

- Our capacity to afford premium hosting, sustain a reliable and efficient database, and develop PeerClick to fulfill its fundamental goal — providing marketers with a thorough analysis of their campaign efforts.

- PeerClick was originally developed not as a commercial product, but as a tool to enable marketers to make well-informed decisions, with monetization introduced subsequently. We’ve maintained a close rapport with our user community to solicit their feedback and value our partnerships, which offer insights on PeerClick’s functionality.

- Our approach avoids overpromising unrealistic results or selling products that may not be beneficial or understandable to users. PeerClick operates on a subscription model, thriving when users remain with us long-term, recognize its capabilities, and contribute to enhancing our offerings.

This embodies a mutual success story between us and our users. 😊

If you’re pondering the necessity of a tracker, what features might benefit you, and how PeerClick compares with other esteemed trackers, you’ve come to the right place.

The Essence of Ad Tracking

Ensuring your advertisement’s visibility online can be achieved through organic discovery, enhancing your page’s search engine findability, or purchasing ad space.

Regardless, it’s crucial to assess whether your efforts yield any significant outcomes, especially with paid traffic. Traffic platforms usually provide basic campaign metrics, such as expenditure and earnings.

At a rudimentary level, this might suffice.

For singular campaigns with minimal landing pages, the complexity is so low that a tracker like PeerClick might not offer cost-justifiable advantages. A monthly ad spend of $100 hardly leaves room for optimization or testing.

On this modest scale, launching a campaign and relying on your intuition and initial targeting suffices.

Examining your traffic source’s analytical options, you might find data on campaign clicks. However, for detailed insights like a lander’s performance in a specific city, device type analysis across campaigns, or any cross-sectional data analysis, you’re at a disadvantage.

Live data is another limitation, with most sources updating only every few hours.

While traffic sources possess the data, they lack the mechanisms for a reporting engine to make this data readily analyzable. That’s where ad trackers like PeerClick come in, offering detailed data insights.

PeerClick also simplifies campaign flow adjustments without the need for compliance rechecks for new links, with changes a mere click away or automatically decided by its AI for optimal traffic direction.

At a $1,000 ad spend, the lowest PeerClick plan needs only a 10% profit increase to be worthwhile. What if it could boost your profits by 300%? Does the cost of PeerClick seem significant from this perspective?

We’re not offering miracles, but illustrating the potential of adept marketers equipped with the right tools. 🌟

How Tracking Can Boost Your Earnings

Focusing on the main point, the aforementioned profit increase can arise from:

- Reducing expenditure on underperforming traffic. 📉

- Enhancing problematic campaign funnel aspects. ✨

- Experimenting with different approaches to identify effective landing page variations. 🧪- Segmenting your audience based on patterns to present them with tailored pages or offers, potentially increasing engagement. 🎯

This isn’t an advanced technique exclusive to major corporations; it’s fundamental for advertisers. PeerClick caters to a wide range of digital marketers: agencies, e-commerce owners, solo affiliates, performance marketers, and in-house marketing teams. Whether promoting health insurance, fishing rods, or toy cars, these strategies are applicable.

The digital realm offers measurable, instantaneously accessible data not available to traditional retailers. For those seeking tangible results — sales, leads, app installations, newsletter signups — campaign funnel optimization is key.

How? By analyzing data for insights. Here are some examples:

💡 Your conversion rate is good, number of visits is fine, but you are just not earning enough and CTR is very low.

This means that your ad is ok (people click it, hence the good number of visits) and your offer is fine, since people are converting. The weak link in the chain is a landing page with low CTR (click-through rate that shows how many people visit the page vs how many click the CTA button to go to the offer).

💡 All the visit statistics look healthy but your costs are eating into your profitability. This may mean that you should examine your traffic to see which parts of your audience perform well and which don’t. Once you find out, exclude the latter ones from your targeting.

💡 You get tons of visits but few conversions and the traffic source charges you a lot. Could it be bot traffic? Maybe a large portion of this traffic came from a narrow range of IP addresses or even a single address, or from a device that used an old operating system (here’s a tip: don’t buy traffic from Android version 6 and lower, nobody uses these devices anymore and they are almost 100% bots). A good tracker has tools that let you verify the quality of traffic.

💡Optimizing your advertising efforts is not just for the big players. It’s essential for anyone looking to make their mark in the digital marketing world. With PeerClick, you have a powerful ally to navigate the complexities of online advertising, ensuring your campaigns are as effective as possible and driving your success to new heights. 🚀 Remember, in the world of digital marketing, knowledge is power, and PeerClick equips you with the insights needed to make informed decisions, tailor your strategies, and ultimately, maximize your ROI. Happy tracking! 🌈​

PeerClick Features that Propel You to Success

The cornerstone of any tracker is its ability to track effectively.

PeerClick embraces the philosophy of maintaining the most reliable tracker in the industry. This means putting core functionalities at the forefront. In practice, our teams are dedicated to ensuring PeerClick remains operational, boasting an impressive 100% server uptime since 2018. Consider the outages experienced by giants like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube over the last decade. Our continuous operation underscores our commitment to your traffic’s paramount importance. 😊

While other trackers might require you to handle server maintenance (for self-hosted solutions) or cope with occasionally unavailable rented servers, PeerClick provides top-tier server quality. Simply put, if PeerClick ever goes down, it’s likely because the entire Internet has. 🌐

Tracking Excellence with PeerClick Tracking involves the meticulous collection of data. PeerClick offers a variety of tracking methods to cater to all use cases and personas, ensuring comprehensive service coverage:

  • Media buyers using Google Ads or Facebook Ads / Meta for marketing third-party or their own offers, with conversions reported via postback and optionally relayed to Facebook or Google through PeerClick.
  • Those leveraging native traffic sources like Taboola, Outbrain, MGID aim to refine campaign funnels for their clients' utmost benefit.
  • Push or Pop traffic sources enthusiasts often focus on affiliate offers to maximize their outreach.
  • Traffic arbitrage strategists work on reselling traffic profitably or leveraging it to pre-qualify visitors for highly specific offers.
  • Search traffic advocates utilize it for promoting businesses, e-commerce products, or services within specific niches.
  • Solo advertisers focusing on third-party (affiliate) offers with uneditable offer pages, where conversions are tracked via postback.
  • Agencies or in-house marketing departments managing client or own offers, with editable offer pages and ads often on Google or Facebook, tracking conversions through PeerClick pixel.
  • E-commerce store owners driving paid and/or organic traffic to their stores, employing solutions like Elevar to capture all conversions from their Shopify-powered stores.
  • Mobile marketers advertising apps online and tracking in-app events, characterized by editable offers, diverse advertising channels, and in-app events tracked by MMPs such as AppsFlyer.
  • In-house and performance marketers focused on achieving concrete, measurable goals.

PeerClick’s breadth of tracking methodologies and thoughtfully designed features render it a versatile tool capable of supporting virtually any advertising scenario. Moreover, PeerClick’s expansive API access allows for seamless integration with custom solutions, further extending its utility. 🚀Diverse Tracking Methods for Comprehensive Insights PeerClick supports two prevalent tracking methods in the industry:

  • S2S (Server to Server) tracking, which involves a redirect through a tracking domain, capturing event data before directing the visitor to the intended destination. This method is favored for affiliate marketing, allowing for real-time adjustments to visitor pathways through rule-based paths, weights, or AI-driven decisions.
  • Pixel tracking, where a script on the destination page sends visit information to the tracker, requiring edit rights on the page. This method aligns with offer owners, agencies, and e-commerce store owners, offering compliance with major ad networks and speedier campaign funnels.

PeerClick adapts to the evolving digital landscape, including the forthcoming 3rd party cookie block in Chrome and the challenges posed by iOS 14.5 updates, ensuring that your campaigns remain future-proof and resilient against industry shifts. 🛡️ Conversion Tracking Mastery Conversion tracking in PeerClick is facilitated through:

  • Postback URLs, used predominantly by affiliate networks to signal conversions without requiring page edits.
  • Conversion pixels, which activate upon loading a 'Thank You' page, ideal for direct offer owners and agencies.

This dual approach ensures that whether you’re working within the confines of affiliate networks or managing direct offers, PeerClick provides accurate, reliable tracking to optimize your campaigns and drive success. Let PeerClick be your compass in the ever-changing digital marketing landscape, guiding your campaigns to new heights. 🌟

PeerClick’s Anti-Fraud Kit

In today’s digital landscape, fraud remains a significant concern, impacting the integrity of internet traffic. Despite improvements and efforts by traffic source companies to mitigate fraudulent activities, the challenge persists, potentially inflating costs and skewing data.

PeerClick confronts this issue head-on with its Anti-Fraud Kit, a comprehensive suite of tools designed to identify and counteract suspicious traffic. This includes detecting patterns indicative of non-human traffic, such as rapid or frequent clicking, utilizing honeypot mechanisms to trap bots, and employing IP/UA blocking to safeguard your campaigns. 🛡️

When traffic matches one or more suspicious criteria, it’s flagged, allowing you to take preventative actions, such as blocking certain traffic types or rerouting them to protect your reputation. It’s noteworthy that PeerClick automatically excludes known bots (like Googlebot) from your stats, ensuring your data remains pristine without compromising campaign efficacy.

Rule-Based Paths for Custom Traffic Flow

PeerClick leverages data points accompanying each traffic event, enabling the segmentation and redirection of traffic based on predefined rules. This customizable approach ensures that traffic not meeting specific criteria is directed along default paths, optimizing campaign performance.

Examples of rule-based path applications include:

- Customizing landing pages for iOS vs. Android users.

- Tailoring messages for new versus returning users.

- Adapting landing page languages based on visitor demographics.

Beyond defining rules, you can manually or automatically (via **Traffic Distribution AI**) adjust traffic distribution among offers or landing pages, ensuring optimal performance based on real-time data.

Leveraging AI for Optimal Traffic Distribution

A/B testing is a staple in refining campaign funnels, challenging marketers to continually test and adapt landing pages for peak performance. PeerClick’s **Traffic Distribution AI** simplifies this process, harnessing machine learning to analyze traffic patterns and allocate traffic to the most effective offer or landing page, adapting as performance metrics evolve.

This AI-driven approach is applicable to both offers and landing pages (individually or in tandem), as well as entire campaign paths, revolutionizing how traffic is managed and optimized for maximum ROI.

Collaborative Tools for Enhanced Teamwork

Digital marketing, increasingly recognized as a collaborative endeavor, benefits significantly from structured teamwork. PeerClick facilitates this collaboration through tools that allow campaign elements to be organized into distinct workspaces, assign different access levels to team members, and generate shareable reports for transparent performance assessment.

Workspaces offer a way to compartmentalize campaigns, offers, or even entire marketing verticals, providing a clear structure for team-based or individual efforts. Whether working alone or as part of a larger agency, these workspaces enhance organizational efficiency and focus.

Multi-User Access extends the functionality of PeerClick by enabling account owners to invite additional users under various roles, from admin to read-only access, tailoring team involvement in campaign management and oversight.

Through these features, PeerClick not only addresses the technical aspects of campaign management and fraud prevention but also the human element, promoting a collaborative, informed, and efficient approach to digital marketing. 🌟

PeerClick solves real-life problems

We tried to demonstrate here that PeerClick is a tool built to solve or address specific issues that our clients, digital marketers, have. The growing complexity of the industry makes it hard to make a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution but we believe that with our approach and the set of features that we have developed throughout the years, we can help the majority of marketers achieve their dream goals.
​If your needs are more specific or you have some additional questions, you can contact our sales team and they will happily answer all your concerns. Talking doesn’t cost you anything and we highly encourage you to reach us, so we can learn about your case.



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