Peergrade Launch

There have been a number of changes in the past few months and for those of you who haven’t heard, our team has more than doubled in size and we have moved to a more spacious office (Hello Rocket Labs!). And now finally, we are proud to introduce you to all the things that have been keeping us busy over the summer.

Drumroll please …

Presenting —

The Video

This video has been a true collaboration between everyone on our team. After tweaking the last bits and pieces, we are extremely pleased to present The Peergrade Video:

We’re pretty excited about our new video!

We are already bouncing ideas around for creating more videos that would make the onboarding experience even smoother. Look out for tutorial video in the coming weeks!

The Help Center

Customer satisfaction is very important to us and up until now we have provided support through our chat function but to better help our customers, we have created Peergrade’s very own Help Center. Most of the questions that we receive deal with how to get started with Peergrade as a teacher or a student, and how to use all the different features available. In order to answer these topics we have added tutorials and documentation that is searchable and neatly organised. The new link for the Help Center can easily be found on our landing page in the upper right corner ‘Help’.

You will still have the possibility to reach us through our chat, but hopefully the help center will make understanding Peergrade that much easier.

Nordic Makers

And one last grand announcement to make it official. Peergrade has had the honor of joining the list of companies backed by Nordic Makers. For those of you who have not heard of Nordic Makers yet, they are a group of angel investors who have created companies, such as Just Eat, Momondo and Unity. The motivation behind Nordic Makers is to strengthen the Scandinavian startup scene by supporting great ideas with their knowledge and network, as well as through investment.

We are extremely happy to join the list of startups Nordic Makers has already helped and invested in. To learn more about Nordic Makers and who they invest in visit their website here.

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