Centralism vs Decentralism: the new Left vs Right — Part 2 (Closed Centralised)

(aka Self-Sufficient, Autarky, Isolatism)
Source: Allen Warren https://www.flickr.com/photos/j316

Policy Types

Merchantilist (Absolutism)

  • Control — government regulation of national economy that
     augments state power at the expense of rival national powers
  • Risks — potentially detrimental to economic growth

Paleoconservatism (aka Paleocon)

  • Control — abiding to traditions, limited government, restrictions on multiculturalism, decentralisation of federal policy, control of free trade, Nationalism and Isolationism in terms of foreign policy


  • Control — shielding domestic industries in a country from foreign competition by taxing imports


  • Monarchism, Republicanism

Internal Goods & Services

  • Self-sufficient (including skills)

International Trade

  • None or minimal

Internal Impact

  • Black markets, city migration, censored press, suppressed freedom of speech

External Impact

  • Sanctions


  • State controls prices whilst development of national economy is cut off from international trade
  • Extreme cases include Western European countries in the 16th and 18th century, and others in 20th and 21st century