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Introducing Peerism: the Skill Token Economy for Post-Capitalism

The solution to job automation and wealth inequality

So how do we solve this?

The simple solution would be for all employers and corporations to share the wealth generated from automation with their workers, and to pay for their re-training and up-skilling. However this would increase costs, reduce profits to shareholders and allow competitors to overtake.

It’s precisely this economic reality that causes automation to be a global concern for humanity, rather than a savior.

Slightly more practical solutions commonly suggested include:

  • Job Guarantee (JG)
  • Robot Tax

Peerism is the solution.

The peerism symbol: interconnected peers, sharing the love ❤

Peerism solves job automation and wealth inequality via a blockchain-based economic protocol which matches paid work to tokenized individual skill levels, and shares the wealth from commons-owned AI.

Not just another band-aid solution or political party; peerism is an opensource decentralized project with a clear strategy to safely transition humanity to a post-capitalist economy that is better for everyone. future of work concept app

Why skill tokens?

Your university or college degree, CV and LinkedIn profile says very little, if anything, about your actual proficiency and diversity of skills or interests. If you have a degree in economics and three years working at Acme Corp, that says nothing of your other talents in #AstroPhotography and #3Dprinting.

Your skills become quantified, ranked and transferable anywhere across the decentralized peerism economy.

No more degrees, instead you learn rapidly from others. No more 9-to-5 jobs or competing for low-paid gigs, instead high-paying tasks matched to your skills simply land in your feed ready to one-click claim or pass. No more resumes or CVs with references, instead the economy knows your skills:

  • 9,123 $AstroPhotography tokens
  • 2,345 $3Dprinting tokens
  • 270 $FidgetSpinner tokens

How can you help?

We need feedback and community for the peerism concept, including developers to build the opensource protocol along with a proof-of-concept app called In early 2018 we’ll have a crowdsale for PEER and #peerAI tokens to raise funds to continue development of both non-profit projects.



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Solving job automation + wealth inequality via proof-of-skills blockchain economic protocol, matching paid work to tokenized skill levels: