Kirk and Spock Discuss the Odd Human Fascination With Money & ICOs

Just for fun I decided to write a brief dialogue between Captain Kirk and Spock discussing the human species’ fascination with accumulating money.

Kirk: “What have you learned of this species?”
Spock: “They have a curious fascination with accumulating numbers”
K: “The monkeys like numbers?”
S: “Yes, it appears they will do almost any act, often barbaric, in return for numbers”
K: “Do these numbers signal their intellect, passions, interests, skills?”
S: “No, they are simply digital numbers”
K: “So they’re not used to facilitate any collective intelligence, autonomous problem solving, temporal hiveminds?”
S: “No, just inert numbers”
K: “And these numbers are distributed equally each orbit?”
S: “No, it appears that 8 of the primates now possess greater than 50% of the numbers”
K: “8!!! What about the others?”
S: “It appears if they cannot accumulate enough numbers, they starve to death. Thus the primates with greater numbers have enslaved those with fewer numbers”
K: “Wow, this is their economic system?!”
S: “Yes, it began 200 orbits ago”
K: “Why haven’t they changed it?”
S: “Their governance systems are ruled by primates with greater numbers”
K: “But it’s just digital numbers, couldn’t they just create new numbers?”
S: “Yes, some have begun building a cryptographic network beyond the reach of the primates with greater numbers”
K: “Good, so they no longer accumulate numbers”
S: “No, it appears the primates are creating new inert numbers to accumulate”
K: “Oh great, let me guess… a few monkeys have most of those new numbers, and the others are still starving to death”
S: “Yes”
K: “Primitive. Log the findings. Let’s inspect the next cluster”


Imagine an economy where the numbers you accumulate actually reflect your diverse skills, passions and interests rather than whether you’re simply rich or poor.

Such an economy could:

  1. match interesting paid work and send it directly to you
  2. create a workforce resilient to technological automation
  3. connect people with the skills to solve any new problem
  4. be self-aware of your goals and help you achieve them
  5. gradually change human incentives from profit to purpose

If you want to help build a new economy where the numbers we accumulate have meaning and purpose attached to them, checkout the blockchain project we’re working on called Peerism, and join the Discord channel to contribute.

*Note: It’s a fact that we’re a species of mammalian primates. Labeling humans as “monkeys” isn’t intended to offend or belittle the human race. I simply like to use the label to frame behavioural insights from a outsiders perspective.