20 Memes that Capture What It’s Like to Apply to College

It’s been a tough year for you. After balancing school, testing, extracurriculars, work and everything else in your crazy life, you’re ready to start chillin’ out, maxin’, and relaxin’ all cool.

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Except for one thing: it’s

So here are 20 memes that perfectly capture what it’s like to apply to college:

1. Every adult asks you, “What are your plans for the future?” but you honestly have no idea:

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2. You have to decide which colleges, out of thousands of colleges and universities, to apply to. You have to compare financial aid, majors, size, city type, etc. And that takes a lot of research. And time. And crying.

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3. Thank god the Common Application exists! Although, of course, some colleges don’t accept it

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4. But let’s be honest: you’re gonna put off starting your applications for as long as possible

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5. That is, until your friends begin talking about how much they have done, and you feel the need to start

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6. Yet while you’re filling everything out, you begin to realize that getting into college seems even more overwhelming and contemplate running away

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7. Turns out there’s a billion ways to convert your GPA, and you’re sitting there trying to do all the math like

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8. Two words: Standardized. Testing. Whether it’s the SAT, the ACT, the ABC — the one thing that’s pretty standard about them is that they seriously stress you out

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9. When it comes time to listing all your extracurriculars, volunteering, and achievements, you’re forced to relive high school as you try to remember everything

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10. And then there’s the fact that you need letters of recommendation, so you go up to your teachers and awkwardly ask them like

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11. Meanwhile, you’re also trying to keep up your GPA and have to focus on senior year classes as well

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12. At this point, you swear colleges are sitting in their cozy little admissions offices like

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13. When you finally get to the essay portion, you sit down, all ready to write, but nothing comes to mind. A part of you is telling yourself

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14. And the essay prompts are making you not only question your life, but also the meaning of life, and you start to have a mini existential crisis

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15. But at least you can sound smarter on your essay by replacing every other word with results from thesaurus.com

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16. After getting this far, you’re pretty much like

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17. However, after all that procrastinating and contemplating, the deadline’s a lot closer than you realized, so you have no choice but to shift into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE

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18. At this point, you’re pretty much okay with whatever happens.

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19. But it’s time to celebrate because everything is done! All that’s left is to cruise through the rest of high school, going to prom, planning senior pranks, and overall having a good time

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20. All that’s left is waiting to hear back from colleges. Easy. I hope.

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