Peer Mountain Joins Bancor Network to Provide Token Liquidity to PMTN HODLers

The Peer Mountain Token ( PMTN) will soon be integrating with the Bancor Protocol to provide continuous liquidity for PMTN, the utility token that measures the value of trust in the Peer Mountain ecosystem. The only cross-blockchain protocol that connects self-sovereign ID holders with businesses to enable commerce at scale, Peer Mountain has recently closed a successful pre-order and its whitelist and priority list are being filled.

“Given the wealth of benefits that Peer Mountain will provide to individuals and businesses, and its projected initial user base of 12 million over the next two years, we expect there will be a huge demand for PMTN,” says Peer Mountain CEO and Founder, Jed Grant. “Integrating with Bancor gives our users an easy means of converting our tokens, and provides liquidity to all our supporters as we develop and deliver the world’s first peer-to-peer self-sovereign identity, compliance, and commerce delivery ecosystem.”

You can find more information in the article below:

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