This is Peer Mountain: Meet Dr. Markus Forster

A virtual ecosystem is a monumental achievement that requires scientific expertise on several fronts. Leading the data science side of Peer Mountain’s trust, ID protection, and commerce ecosystem is Dr. Markus Forster.

As an accomplished professional computer scientist, Markus has a deep understanding of complex data systems and algorithms. He spent the first five years of the 2000’s in the Studies of Applied Computer Sciences program at the University of Applied Sciences Trier, where he researched and wrote his thesis on bioprocess modelling.

In 2011 Markus graduated as M.Sc. in Information and Computer Sciences at the University of Luxembourg with his thesis ”Evaluation Of Sensors in Modern Smartphones for Vehicular Traffic Monitoring”. He continued his traffic-based data modelling during his doctoral studies in Computer Science at the University of Luxembourg, where he focused on optimizing individual mobility through mobile communication. Markus’ research looked at how to reduce rush hour traffic congestion, optimize traffic flow, and save energy through the use of mobile devices as distributed sensors.

In 2016, Markus took on the role of CTO at KYC3, where he’s in charge of the technical development of the company’s Know Your Customer (KYC) system, which will be one of the first Peer Mountain attestation engines. This includes the data acquisition, data processing, interpretation of data, data storage and presentation to the customer.

With his extensive theoretical and practical understanding of big data modelling and evaluation, Markus brings scientific savvy that is essential to the vitality of Peer Mountain’s blockchain-based trust ecosystem.

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