This is Peer Mountain: Meet Federico Cardoso

Peer Mountain
Jan 8, 2018 · 2 min read
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Peer Mountain’s decentralized trust, identity protection, and compliance solution overcomes some of blockchain’s biggest limitations. The company’s Blockchain Architect, Federico Cardoso, has been instrumental in creating the key component of this solution: the patent-pending PeerchainTM Protocol, which ensures cross-chain compatibility and is capable of handling cross-chain transactions across multiple chain instances.

An experienced professional blockchain developer and architect, Federico is leading Peer Mountain’s enterprise back end development team. He has a history of producing innovative solutions that deliver real value. As the co-founder and CTO of Maecenas, the first marketplace for fine art investment, Federico is bringing together collectors who want to raise funds and investors looking to expand their portfolios with art, while reducing the traditionally high commissions paid by both buyers and sellers.

Federico’s wide-ranging interests and enthusiasm have helped him develop his strong background in network and software architecture, security, and cryptography. He even manages to find the time to regularly contribute to and maintain the open source projects that he has used. A real team player, Federico is at home doing hands-on development alongside his team as he is in his role as a leader.

To speak with Federico and learn more about Peer Mountain, join our lively Telegram group!

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