This is Peer Mountain: Meet Ignacio Althabe

For developers, the paths to the clearest, simplest solutions can be obscure and complex, especially when working with new technologies and coding languages. Peer Mountain’s Lead Blockchain Developer Ignacio “Nacho” Althabe knows how to navigate those paths with efficiency and enthusiasm.

A dedicated full-stack developer, teamwork activist, open-source advisor, and blockchain evangelist, Ignacio has been taking on challenges in a wide array of projects since 2002. Prior to building solutions based on blockchain and smart contract technologies, he made platforms that enabled interaction between TV viewers and shows, built gamified Facebook marketing solutions, and coded geographic information system (GIS) interfaces for government portals providing public access to institutional data.

Ignacio was born in Mendoza, a province in western Argentina, home of Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Andes. At the age of 11, his family moved to La Plata, Buenos Aires. Soon after the move, Ignacio developed a passion for computers through his experience setting up and managing servers, so he decided to study computer science.

In 2008, he joined San Francisco-based startup Jumplane, where he built TV interaction platforms. Two years later, Ignacio moved back to Buenos Aires to work for TheFanMachine, creating games as Facebook marketing tools for clients. At that time, the quantity of data available was becoming massive, and Ignacio wanted to be able to work with data in real time. So he learned about real-time APIs using Socket.IO and the PHP-flavored Comet.

Ignacio moved to the public sector in 2011. He returned to La Plata to start working at LIFIA, his favorite lab at the National University of La Plata. Ignacio coded several solutions that visualize geo-referenced data, and he contributed to governmental data releases.

Blockchain came into Ignacio’s life in 2016, as he understood the need for decentralized data. He began working for DXMarkets as a full stack developer. Ignacio brought his development and blockchain know-how to Peer Mountain less than a year later. He is now in charge of the core development team; based on given specifications the team is coding the Peer Mountain core and integrating it with other parts of the platform.

Constantly on the move, Ignacio is an avid traveller and sportsman, and he plays the drums. He’s also a voracious reader.

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