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Jan 7, 2018 · 2 min read
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From the end-user perspective, Peer Mountain’s mission is to ensure swift, simple, and secure transactions while preserving privacy on one’s mobile device. Mark Rogers, our Mobile Lead, has assembled a highly-skilled and enthusiastic mobile development team to help us accomplish this mission.

Mark is a keen tech entrepreneur and startup advisor from Silicon Valley, devoted to ensuring projects achieve their full potential. His 15+ years of experience in marketing strategy, business development, creative content, social media, and brand management spans a fascinating variety of fields.

With an MBA in International Business, Mark has worked for the Theatrical Marketing Department of film studio giant 20th Century Fox, a European consultancy firm and think tank, and the Investor Relations and Communications Department of a global pharmaceutical company. He was also the Marketing and Business Development Director of an international IT services and software engineering company.

Mark is currently the CEO of Futurist Labs, a leading mobile app development company that he founded in 2014. With a presence in both the U.S. and Bulgaria, Futurist Labs plays the role of mobile and web IT development partner with a select number of long-term clients. As futurists, Mark and his team love working on projects that push the envelope of technology and amaze people about the world they live in.

“Every business has a beginning, and ours started with a love of mobile development,” says Mark, “Mobile devices are the digital Swiss army knife of our time. The tools, businesses and innovation created from them make life quite magical. We love bringing a project from zero to MVP.”

Mark believes in creative problem solving, pinpointing the message and building strategic partnerships. His keys to successful entrepreneurship are learning how to get the best talent for your team, staying curious about everything, and being disciplined.

In our increasingly mobile world, Mark’s dedication to delivering the best product is helping Peer Mountain deliver a mobile service that will make transacting with businesses, institutions, and other individuals easier, faster, and more secure than ever.

To speak with Mark and learn more about Peer Mountain, join our lively Telegram group!

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Peer mountain is all about protecting YOU and your…

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