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100 Days of Crypto, PegNet & DeFi

Videos every day spreading the good word of blockchain

Streaming From The Home Office

Day 17 — The Bitcoin Halvening

Day 16 — Crypto Exchanges & Wallets

Day 15 — How Staking Works

Day 14 — The Birth of Crypto Valley, Ethereum, Smart Valor, CVVC and More

Day 13- Top Crypto Conference Review

Day 12 — How to Build A Crypto Unicorn

Day 11 — Why DeFi is Winning

Day 10 — The Decentralized Governance of PegNet

Day 9 — Tokenizing the World

Day 8: Token Economics of PegNet

Day 7: To The Moon

Digital scarcity is the defining characteristic that makes crypto compelling.

Day 6: Half A Billion Dollars

PegNet has officially crossed $500 Million in value converted over its rails since conversions went live in October of 2019. Article from Coin Telegraph.

Closure of 1,000 Bank branches.

In person banking is dying.

Day 5: Why Factom + Ethereum = PegNet

Multi blockchain architectures are the way forward for the best Dapps.

Day 4: Crypto Is Honest Money

Its time to transition to crypto today. Government money isn’t backed by anything. There is a great honesty in the way crypto currencies are mined / created and they way they are secured. If you don’t have a wallet you should open one today. Take action.

Day 3: How PegNet Solves DeFi Oracle and Collateral Issues

How #PegNet Solves #DeFi Oracle and Collateral Issues. TL;DR proof of work oracles + pegging tokens to market prices.

#washyourhands #100DaysofCrypto

Check out some of the API hooks available from for getting price data from these decentralized oracles.

Day 2: PegNet’s Trading Use Case & Low Fee, Zero Slippage Features

Got the request to talk about the use cases of PegNet. Tell me what you want to hear covered tomorrow and I’ll pick one of the suggested topics. Today I covered why Traders will find PegNet extremely useful for converting the value in their portfolios from one crypto token value to another or into Stablecoins or even pGold. Tons of useful links at:

Day 1: Time to Make the Switch To All Digital

As all the conferences I would normally speak at are cancelled, instead I’m starting 100 day journey where I’m going to go on a partial fast only eating 1 meal per day. I’m going to take the extra time from my lunch hour in order record a video about Crypto, PegNet, DeFi and other important topics that expand human freedom and help free us from the legacy financial system we are all suffering the effects of today.



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David A. Johnston

David A. Johnston

Entrepreneur, Investor, Technologist, Voluntarist, Future Martian Settler, & Evangelist for Decentralization.