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Apr 14 · 3 min read
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Dashboard interface of

has grown quickly the last 8 months since launch, having successfully scaled its mining community, achieved more than $1B in total conversion volume and continues to gain recognition for its novel contributions to decentralized finance as the first Consensus-based Stablecoin Network.

Today, the community is announcing the launch of a new website with more advanced trading tools to make using PegNet easier.

’s simple user interface makes receiving, sending, and converting pAssets as easy as the click of a button.

TradingView Integration

The pTrader site also includes more advanced tools such as an integration with. The 7,000,000 TradingView users can now participate in ultra-low fee conversions of stable assets, crypto assets, and precious metal commodities (Gold and Silver) for only $0.001 / transaction, by connecting their TradingView account to their pTrader account.

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Simple wallet interface. Webhook URL for adding to TradingView scripts.
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Sample script commands

When getting started and testing your own bot command rules, make sure the “id” is reflective of your unique TradingView ID.

[Link for How To Video For Using TradingView + pTrader]

Traditional Exchanges vs. PegNet

In more traditional crypto exchanges, traders are often accustomed to 0.25%, or in more rare cases, 0.1% trading fees. This is the cost that the trader has to absorb with every new trade they do. To put this figure into context, let’s review a simple scenario.

Say Trader-X is trading $100,000 once per day, every day for a year. At the end of this year, they will have spent $91,250 strictly on trading fees, or in other words, reduced from their total profits for the year.

If the same Trader-X is trading $100,000 once per day, every day for a year within the PegNet stablecoin system, at the end of the year, they will have spent $0.36. Less than $1. Trader-X could effectively increase their trading activity by 200% and still pay less than $1 in total fees in a full year.

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Go where your money’s treated best

The difference is incomparable. Because PegNet is an open-source, fully-decentralized financial system, there is no CEO, no founder, no foundation or any other centralized institution working towards profitability. This is the paradigm shift we are currently in. Financial systems being built by the people, for the people.

is a noncustodial service, meaning users control their own funds.
Be sure to export your private key / secret key and use the multi-factor security provided. is in an alpha version — please test it out and give us your feedback today in the PegNet .

Register today at to check it out.

Get Started Now

To ask questions for help or to share comments and suggestions for improvement, please join the community discussion on .

To see all 42 PegNet asset prices and market activity, visit (and bookmark) .

To view the PegNet Weekly Update video (recorded April 8, 2020) where David Johnston and Kaitie Zhee review and discuss the pTrader tool in detail,.


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