A new identity, a new rigour!

Bold and lovin’ it!

When we started out — we had a decent sense of what we wanted to do, and a better sense of what we didn’t want to do.

Work with people building businesses, and support them in any and every way we can.

Three years in, I’d say we have deeper clarity on what we want and aspire to do, and how we’re going to do it.

As a team, and as individuals, we’ve all matured immensely over these years and the experiences that came along-with. I believe so has the company — our understanding, the work we do, the culture we have and what we stand for.

To grow, create and to reinvent, one must be bold. Possess an innate capacity to evolve. The ability to surge with courage and confidence. We went back to the basics, took a strong and hard look, to identify what is it we stand for.

Our identity is forged from three concepts.

Constant movement
Our typeface is bold and dynamic. It has the upward swing that we mostly use to hit problems out of the park! 
Red, for the fire of a creators kiln, where bricks are hardened and readied for the world.

Connected networks
We are useless without our network — so thus the web that binds us, and is our strength.

Strength, Impact and Depth
We believe in depth — to our work, to us as individuals and to our relationships with our partners.

With this, we present to you, the new Bold Kiln identity.

In it’s inverse avatar, it looks like this.

Bold Kiln is made of uniquely talented people who brandish battle scars from many years of diverse experience. They have been hardened over the challenging fires of startups, corporates and entrepreneurship.

What you get is a super creative team of driven professionals across design, marketing and technology, with the willingness to go the distance — all invested to see your brand grow, and your business succeed.

Check out our new website here.

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